7.2.5 Holy Paladin Feedback

#1 - April 21, 2017, 3:33 a.m.
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Hey there! I wanted to drop by and post some feedback on Holy Paladins for 7.2.5. it looks like a major focus is on Disc Priests/Mistweavers, but there are a few issues that could be changed for 7.2.5 that would make Holy Paladin feel and play a lot better! Feel free to post other feedback on Holy Paladin issues you have here!

Ill try out a different format for my feedback, offering a short sentence or two being as "succinct" as possible stating the issue. Followed by a paragraph that goes into more detail on why it is an issue, with possible solutions.

Empowered Artifact Traits:

These were added in 7.2 and were completely changed fairly late in the patch cycle, so we didn't get much time to post our feedback on them, and there are some major issues.

Sacred Dawn doesn't provide a significant throughput increase when compared to other healers new traits. Even in situations it should shine, it provides less throughput than some of our bronze traits.

Sacred dawn has decent up time, and mechanically has potential. That being said, it appears as if it should shine on "stacked" fights where you can get the whole raid inside your Light of Dawn, but due to the nature of a Holy Paladin breakdown the buff cannot be utilized as Judgment of Light stacks are consumed so quickly, Light of Dawn itself is not affected by the 10% modifier unless you get a Divine Purpose or Second Sunrise proc, so that leaves only Holy Shock, Flash of Light and Holy Light for the most part. Which it can be hard to fit those spells in a 6s window. As you can see using Zerotorescues holy paladin log analyzer


the trait is making up roughly 1.2% of this logs healing after beacon transfers etc have been accounted for. This is on its "ideal" situation, stacked and constant damage. Most fights the trait makes up about a 0.8% healing contribution, far below the 5-7% of Cosmic Ripple, or the resto shaman silver/gold traits. if the trait were changed to apply the buff before the Light of Dawn heal, it would be far better. Or simply buff it to 20-25% instead of 10%.

Due to the nature of Tyr's Deliverance targeting a nearby injured target, we are not able to often take full advantage of Tyr's Munificence and the 40% HL/FoL buff. Often it heals the wrong targets creating overheal if we try to play around the buff.

Tyr's Deliverance currently heals a nearby injured target, could be who you want it to, most likely however it heals somebody who doesn't need healing. As the spell has a followup mechanic (you heal the target healed by Tyr's Deliverance for the 40% increase). This spell would benefit greatly from the new type of targeting being added to Power Word: Radiance. Instead healing the most injured target, without an active Tyr's Deliverance buff. This would ensure we can make use of the 40% modifier, as well make sure Tyr's Deliverance doesn't overlap the short 10s buff by healing the same target twice wasting potential use of it. Right now the spell feels like we cast it because it costs no mana instead of thinking of it as a cooldown. Being forced with the decision of, do i save someones life, or heal someone with the buff because its more overall healing is a decision we shouldn't have to make.

Overall our traits provide a fraction of the player power when compared to the other healers Empowered traits, which could affect overall class balance, especially as more and more players unlock the new traits.
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#16 - April 26, 2017, 7:50 p.m.
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Fervent Martyr has a few updates on PTR that aren't correctly reflected yet in the tooltip. In this iteration, it 1) no longer has the Beacon of Light requirement, and 2) reduces the health cost of LotM as well as the mana cost.