#1 - March 28, 2017, 6:42 p.m.
Blizzard Post
Greetings all,
Here are the known issues for patch 7.2.0. Please note that this is not a complete list of every issue we're aware of, but bugs we feel may significantly impact players. Fixes for these issues may be deployed at various times, so I'll update it on a weekly basis. Thanks everyone!

Death Knight
  • Blight will not allow Death and Decay to hit stealthed targets that have been detected.
  • The spell FX and buff aura for Blood Mirror persist after the target dies.
  • The additional minion form "All will Serve" remains visible while your character is in a vehicle.
  • The active time that Summon Gargoyle and Dark Arbiter casts does not match their listed tooltip durations.Demon Hunter
  • Demon Hunter: Casting Fel Rush might disconnect players.
  • Unending Hatred can trigger from every cast of AOE spells, instead of the first cast.Druid
  • New Moon does not correctly update to Half Moon on the cast bar text.
  • Treant Form and Moonkin Form will sometimes switch position on the Special Action Bar.
  • Shooting Stars proc will stand a player up while eating or drinking.
  • Malorne's Swiftness does not increase Travel Form movement speed while inside a Battlegrond or Arena.
  • The spell visual for Ferocious Bite still displays above targets when you attempt to use it while facing the wrong direction.Hunter
  • Diamond Ice does not have any effect if the Steel Trap Talent is learned.Monk
  • The visuals from Chi Orbit cannot be seen by remote hostile players.
  • The spirits summoned by Storm, Earth, and Fire will not mirror Fists of Fury if it is cast at the same time that the spirits are summoned.Paladin
  • The debuff for Judgment of Light incorrectly states the amount healed per melee attack.
  • Players are automatically dismounted from Divine Steed and lose out from the movement speed buff if they collide with collision above their character model.
  • The artifact trait Blessing of the Ashbringer does not state both Greater Blessings are required to be active to gain the benefit.
  • Arcing Light, the healing component of Light's Hammer ignores line of sight for the casting Paladin.
  • Hammer of Reckoning does not gain stacks from the Paladin taking damage.Priest
  • Shadowy Apparitions stand players up while eating or drinking.
  • Casting Dispersion does not interrupt the Void Torrent channel if the Void Torrent's target is immune, causing players to drain Insanity during Dispersion.
  • Spreading dots with The Twin's Painful Touch will decrease the time increase on dot by void bolt.
  • The talent Purge the Wicked will not spread to other targets when all the targets are moving.
  • Psyflay from Psyfiend has a longer cast than the duration of the creature and does not try to find new targets when its first targets dies or moves out of line of sight.
  • Penance continues to display a channel bar after it has been interrupted by a crowd control effect.Rogue
  • Thick as Thieves does not apply a buff aura.
  • The range on the "Shadowstrike" spell is not factoring in combat reach.Shaman
  • The Honor Talent Grounding Totem can be killed through damage transfer when a target protected by Grounding Totem Effect takes damage.Warlock
  • Enslave Demon will persist even if the warlock dies.
  • Command Demon loses track of your active demon for a short time when you zone.
  • Pets summoned from the Grimoire of Service talent can fail to perform their special ability if they spawn out of line of sight or out of range of their target.Warrior
  • Rampage has a variable GCD at some haste levels but not others.
    Broken Shore
  • "Begin Construction" can take days to complete if no buildings are in the Under Construction state.
  • Entering the Warrior Order Hall while queued for the Legionfall scenario will play the scenario cinematic and disrupt your queue.
  • The tooltip for "Dream Vortex" states the incorrect amount of damage.
    Transmog Updates
  • There are wands that do not display any Weapon Enchantments.
  • Long female Pandaren tails are not displaying correctly in the Appearances UI.
  • Some weapons do not have the option to apply a Weapon Enchantment appearance in the transmog UI.
  • The Glorious Tyranny weapon enchant causes performance issues when opening the character pane.
  • Warlock's "Visage of the Black Harvest" displays incorrectly in the appearances window on certain races.
  • Some variants of certain transmog sets are missing pieces.
    Class Campaigns
  • The completion POIs for "False Orders" , "What's the Cache?" , and "Loot and Plunder" are misplaced on the zone map when all three are ready for turn in.[li/]The cut scene visual effects are visible to all players in the area after one player turn-in the quest "Return of the Archmage".[/li]
  • Legion Portals are periodically uninteractable during the "Panic at the Brewery" scenario.
    Demon Assaults
  • Stormheim Scenario: Odyn's talking head dialogues do not play a VO.