#1 - Feb. 28, 2017, 9:41 p.m.
Blizzard Post
This week, we’re still focused primarily on stability and raid testing, as well as finding as many bugs as possible, as we continue to make adjustments and tweaks to 7.2 content.

You’ll see the return of Thaumaturge Vashreen to the Broken Shore, once again selling tokens that can be exchanged for gear. Those items still need a little work before they’re ready for testing, but we wanted to provide some extra context on what to expect from them:

The Dauntless tokens are similar to the gear tokens that were available through the Timeless Isle or Tanaan Jungle in previous expansions, and have the same overall intent: as catch-up gear for alts or newer characters. For Legion, we’ve extended that general concept with the Relinquished tokens. These will always reward gear with a higher item level than the Dauntless tokens, and sometimes, you’ll receive a piece of dungeon, raid, or PvP gear instead. Our basic intent is for you to use these to shore up “weak spots” in your characters gear, but in rare circumstances, it can even give a Legendary for that slot, according to your loot specialization. That’ll be very uncommon, and the fastest/most reliable way to get a Legendary will still be through other content, but if there’s one in particular that you really want, buying these tokens might be a good use of your Nethershards.

Note that the actual cost of these items hasn’t yet been determined, and their contents aren’t bug-free, but we hope to have them ready for testing in next week’s push.

You may also notice that the line “May contain a Legendary item” has been removed from the tooltip for these tokens. This is only a tooltip change; their actual chance to grant a Legendary has not changed. This is more to avoid confusion than anything else, particularly for the sort of player who doesn’t keep up with the news on the forums or fansites. Realistically, these tokens can be nearly anything from the Broken Isles, so it seemed unnecessary to call out Legendaries specifically in the tooltip.

Lastly, we’re planning to organize another Broken Shore stress test sometime in the coming few days, and looking into ways to make it a bit more exciting this time around. Keep an eye out for more details as soon as those plans are finalized.

Happy testing!