Holy Priest PVP Talents Last Row

#1 - Feb. 27, 2017, 10:08 p.m.
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Divine Attendant and Spirit of the Redeemer seem to be very weak with respect to Ray of Hope. Prior to 7.1.5 it was the case and it currently is as well. I can see no pvp instance in which either of those two talents 10,28 could be useful. I have tried using them in Arenas and they don't perform well, I die rather quickly. I tried using them in AV and other BGs were raid wide healing would be needed, thinking being able to use Guardian spirit more often might be good. Turns out it isn't.

Spirit of the Redeemer is also rather useless because of the long cooldown. There are only two times you can use this talent. When you are at full health and about to smash into the horde, and you want to have a few more seconds of life an be able to cast a few flash heals before you die. Or divine hymn. The only way this talent would be good and not OP would be to have the cooldown reset each time you die. Why does this make sense. Well it would only work 1 time in arenas. But it would be a nice tool in BGs.

Have you guys thought about making any changes to Spirit of the Redeemer?

Divine Attendant.
A 2 minute cooldown is somewhat long. It can't compete with Ray of Hope.
I don't think there is an acceptable solution to this Talent. The reason is that it conflicts with the PVE talent. Reason is that they both reduce the cooldown. It might be better to put a different talent in the slot 10 of the pvp tree.

The idea of the last row in the holy priest pvp talents as it stands is, damage mitigation on target, protect the priest for a few seconds, and prevent someone from dying. The only talent that can be used in a combo with anything else is Ray of Hope. The others currently just seem bland. A

Inner focus, pure shadow, greater fade, miracle worker and Ray of Hope are a great combo., great for burst damage

Inner focus or any of the others in that row for large groups are fun, holy ward, greater fade, greater heal, ray of hope also a good combo for AV or large BGs, because you get consistent heals.

In large groups I may be able to use Divine Attendant if I had two charges, but those chargest can't be used at the same time.

Id use Spirit of Redeemer in large BG's if I could use the talent after each rez. And if that is op, at least let me move during that time.

Are any of these suggestions acceptable?
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#2 - Feb. 27, 2017, 11:56 p.m.
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We really like the idea about resetting Spirit of Redeemer's cooldown upon death. We just snuck it in for 7.2!

As for Spirit of Redeemer, we agree that talent competes a little too directly with Ray of Hope in what it's trying to do. It'll likely get some changes... eventually.