Feeling pretty disgusted about Devs

#1 - Feb. 24, 2017, 3:02 a.m.
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This was made to my attention from a past Q&A by Ion Hazzikostas

"It’s exceptionally rare that everyone wants the same thing, and even then, there is a large silent majority that does not post on forums. If there were actual unanimity regarding a certain issue, we would change our design"

Aside from expansion/patch specific qualms players have with current event issues, there is one major issue int his game that has existed since it's implication that has been an issue since the first day of release and has persisted for Seven (7) long years now and to this day and for the past seven years, the exact same complaints and exact same issues have been brought up on these forums and external forums/websites over and over by thousands upon thousands of different unique players.

What's this issue that's been completely ignored by Blizzard Devs?


Some may cry foul and say other "current" patch/expansion issues or requests, such as flying or such, but these are topics that have been addressed by Blizzard numerous times and are expansion or patch specific.

On the otherhand, since day one of the release of the Worgen player race, more specifically the female Worgen since their drastic change between their well-received Alpha build model and their beta model, where the current ongoing issues began, these forums have been rife with complaints and issues with their abysmal/monstrous Disney Princess Chihuahua appearance.

Comparison of Alpha vs Beta/Current: http://i.imgur.com/DOU2vlG.png

To further push this point, even a Blue post joined in and essentially admitted that the Female Worgens were a mistake/regret. As seen in this archived post from during MoP Development when a blue stated they don't want to second guess the design (regret) the Pandaren design like the female Worgens: http://blue.mmo-champion.com/topic/220363-feedback-red-panda-male-tail/#post108

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