RP Advice for the Sheltered Noob

#1 - Dec. 5, 2016, 11:06 p.m.
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This is my first time posting to a forum, so I don't know what to expect.
I've been playing World of Warcraft on and off for years, and I've had to make new accounts almost every time because, after taking a year or two off, I forgot passwords to everything linked to that account. Needless to say, I haven't been playing WoW regularly until shortly after WoD came out. That said, I've played a few characters on PvP realms, but my mains are always on the normal realms because that's my safe space. With my accident prone self and the fact that I live in the snowiest state in the US, I got in a car accident which rendered me bed ridden for a little while. Without college and work getting in the way, I have some free time to play the game. I've always been interested in the RP servers but never knew what to expect or how to prepare myself. I have some role playing experience under my belt from playing D&D; however, WoW is its own entity, so I don't expect it to be the same. I've seen some videos on youtube that explain different styles of role playing, but I wanted to get the opinions of players on the forums. So, what advice do you have for a RP noob?
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#23 - Dec. 6, 2016, 2:32 a.m.
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12/05/2016 03:13 PMPosted by Sophex
1. There's no real wrong way to do it if you stay in character.

2. Don't let the few jerks that fly around on RP servers ruining things for people bother you.

3. Have fun with it.

4. Stay away from Goldshire Inn.

It can be a lot of fun, and I actually find it fun to RP on non RP servers sometimes because others sometimes jump in. I used to be on alliance Arthas server and would walk around Stormwind as a homeless gnome begging for coin. Sometimes I would actually get people who would give me gold and others would sometimes follow me around. It was all good fun.
Good advice here! There are various popular addons for WoW that RPers use that I would also recommend you scope out - don't want to name specifics as people have their favorites, but they aren't too hard to find. :)

Also, be sure to check out the RP forum for some resources - always a good place to start. There are some excellent introduction guides there that you may find useful and it's a great place to ask for help, tips, and other direction. The RP community is usually super welcoming and ready to help.

Hoping you find a good place for your adventures!