#1 - Dec. 5, 2016, 6:42 p.m.
Blizzard Post
One of our only healers got banned for boting. The thing is.. the guy didn'T bot. He got banned for 6 months which simply makes our Mythic Helya progression dead and even maybe our whole raid team. I heard similar stories happened multiple times in the past and some people were able to prove they didn't bot. The problem is that we are far from the best in english and at computer stuff. He already tried to contact them but couldn't find how to prove he didn't bot. He's a family father and it took him alot of effort to even reach his 35th artifact trait for our mythic helya prog. We had to kinda force him into multiple of our mythic+ carries and make him pug some. Me and my co-leader are desperate and feel powerless in that situation.

We kinda need your help, if any of you was ever able to make Blizzard see their mistake, how did you make it? I know naming someone is against the rule on the forum but I know I can't tell you it's the guy in our guild that plays a holy paladin and that his name is the name of a common junk food starting with a P and ending with a GO. I'm giving you his partial name in case you guys are able to see something relevant on his armory.

I'm desperate to lose a good player and a friend to this terrible mistake and I fear for our raid core since we're a very tight community (Top 20 US french canadian only guild). We can'T afford to lose someone as precious as a healer... especially our only holy paladin...

Please WoW forum... I beg for your help. I tried contact Blizzard, I got told the usual things they say about privacy. He contacted them with the assistance of some people able to speak a little english... couldn'T achieve anything and Blizzard asked him to stop messaging them. How to get out of that without disbanding?