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#1 - Nov. 16, 2016, 1:25 a.m.
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The class revamp was a complete failure, as if the pruning of most classes iconic abilities wasn't enough, we now have to deal with our classes being constantly revamped before we even begin to get used to the moronic changes that were made to our favourite classes at the start of legion.

it seems, whenever I'm beginning to adjust, further changes are needed?

Artifact power was a failure, I'm stuck in one spec as my other specs lack necessary artifact power to begin to excel, I can't level alts to give them an attempt as they will be lacking artifact power for quite some time before I feel they are competitively viable.

I have played wow since bc, nerfs/buffs are nothing new to me, but completely revamping classes every month is not good design, people are going to get fed up and leave, no one wants to have to re learn a playstyle on a monthly basis... And worse, NONE OF THE CHANGES EVER MAKE SENSE, they are always moronic changes that obviously would never work, nerfing everything I to the ground that performs well and ignoring classes that do not perform is not a good practice!

It's a shame, the legion zones, quests and raids are all done beautifully and I was super hyped during levelling.

But class design is core, it is not something that you can screw up, most people I talk to do not enjoy their class playstyle at all, they are just doing the best they can with what they are given.

I've un subbed, kinda happy that I'm leaving though, it's going to be good enjoying outside life again lol.
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#247 - Nov. 16, 2016, 11:38 p.m.
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Hey all,

I'm bringing this back - as I noticed it was locked (overnight?).

While there is good and constructive conversation here, that was overshadowed by harassment of various Blizzard employees.

By leading the thread with such pointed discussion, you can't possibly hope to have a constructive conversation with us on the state of class design in Legion. These kind of comments are absolutely unacceptable, and I advise everyone lighten up and we will be more than willing to have an open discussion on the actual topic at hand.

To speak on behalf of our Class Design team - they are indeed a "team". There is by no means a single person running our Class Design, and while Celestalon is one of the most outspoken voices on the team, he does not direct every decision the team makes. He is, however, a passionate and long time player that has the best intentions in mind for class design (who is also very often covered in hair dye), and he does recognize that players jump to criticize him as the vocal point of the team. Please, at the very least, afford our designers respect enough to not call for riots in their name.

I've worked through this thread and removed notes of people harassing employees and other players, and I will allow it to exist and for conversation on this to continue as long as this sentiment is entirely avoided in the future.

Note: This thread will be heavily moderated against discussion similar to what was here before.
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#1053 - Nov. 17, 2016, 11:37 p.m.
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11/17/2016 12:09 PMPosted by Gankedurmum
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Oh wow, would you look at that, constructive feedback put together in a nice organized fashion...

Oh yeah, it all got ignored

Your move Ornyx...
We've commented on pruning feedback previously, and it's not something we are currently focusing on design-wise. TL;DR: Button bloat was getting out of hand, and having a spell that answered every other spell and situation was not a way we wanted to go. While we appreciate all the feedback provided on that front, we disagreed that continuing on the previous path was something we wanted to do for Legion. This has been talked about by Ion and other folks on the development team over and over, in Q&As, at Blizzcon, and on the forums.

Feedback really should be focused on the current state of class balance coming in 7.1.5, as I believe that's where most of the qualms are rising from. And yes, I do realize constructive feedback has been given on that in this thread.

I am reading along - but I don't necessarily have direct responses to any of the feedback just yet.