Please revert the demon skin talent swap

#1 - Oct. 15, 2016, 9:01 p.m.
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Come 7.1, if you didn't know, Demon Skin and Demonic Circle talents will swap places when 7.1 goes live. This will put Dark Pact and Demon Skin in the same tier, forcing you to choose between one shield or the other.

I for one think Warlocks will suffer greatly not being able to have both Dark Pact and Demon Skin.

Melee already train casters terribly except for mages.

I can basically sit on top of a warlock as a melee (I play more than rogue at 110) and they won't really kite me like a mage does. Their shields are about the only thing that stands between me destroying them without a chance, and them actually putting up a fight and possibly surviving me.

Are you really going to do this to warlocks? I have never felt like locks were broken in this expansion and I have pvp'd every day on this rogue and my other 110s.

Shadowfury isn't really worthwhile because it has a cast time, and really won't peel for long with many players having stun reduction/25% reduction. Demonic circle is very niche and can put the warlock out of line of sight of the healer or even their target so many players won't take it either. Also melee will gap close so fast if in line of sight... Honestly Demonic Circle should be baseline due to it's niche. Mortal coil is the only viable talent for pvp in this tier.

Either revert the change or buff the talents in that tier because they are going from 2 shields to 1.

The other option could be to buff dark pact and demon skin, and do something with burning rush because the health cost is way too high!
#24 - Oct. 18, 2016, 1:15 a.m.
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*Cross-posting from a General Discussion thread.*

Got some answers from the development team on this.

The aim and ultimate goal of the swap is to create competition in the talent rows, with a secondary intent of adjusting tankiness and mobility overall. With this change (taking tuning into account), there should now be more interesting choices in some rows, instead of the usual feel of "mandatory-ness" that we've seen in this past cycle.

Demon Skin previously dwarfed its competition in nearly ever situation, and its combination with Dark Pact offered too much survivability.

With Demonic Circle, we heard the broad feedback about how it was missed when players had to opt-out of taking it because of better picks in its row. Now that it's lined up against more equally-powered and niche talents, we believe Demonic Circle will see more use overall.

Hope this answers some of your questions - I'm here for feedback and discussion on this. :)