Addon PLH: Used to Demand people's Loot?

#1 - Oct. 23, 2016, 11:04 p.m.
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Seen this trend a lot lately in LFR and so I figure I'll mention it to Blizzard though it has not affected me yet. There's an add-on called PLH. It's used for the most part to notify you when a drop is not an upgrade for the looter, but is an upgrade for you or others in your group.

Problem here is that it broadcasts it into Instance Chat rather than quietly inform you of the matter. Because of this I've seen several situations where people (such as enchanters) might want to hold on to the loot they legitimately won, only to have some loudmouth demand the loot and try to get the person kicked from the group, because they would not give up loot that they feel entitled to.

I think this addon should be broken as soon as possible, or the authors contacted and requested to turn it to a private add-on that notifies only the person using it. Folks can whisper an individual in question about the item and it can be decided between the two parties rather than used as a tactic to pressure people into giving up their loot "or else".

This is less of a issue for Tanks and Healers who can find a new group relatively quickly, but probably a big issue for a DPS that waited up to an hour for a group.

Much like the spam that comes from people who post DPS recounts to gloat and assuage the ego, I feel like certain pieces of data should only be viewable to the person who is using the addon.

By this I mean I feel like certain sorts of data should not be able to be displayed to the entire raid to pressure someone into a trade they may not be alright with, as it amounts to basically a name/shame tactic. It does not improve the experience of raiding in LFR, but rather negatively impacts it.
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#496 - Oct. 24, 2016, 10:46 p.m.
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Extending the cap on this thread. I will bring this addon and its use up for discussion.