#1 - Oct. 23, 2016, 6:58 a.m.
Blizzard Post
I definitely picked the wrong Class and Spec, Affliction Warlock. It's terrible in all content, and can do "decently" on raid fights where they have high dot uptime on lots of targets, but that's way too small of a niche to have.

I was always super hesitant to return after WOTLK, because I've seen how terrible Blizzards balancing act is. They never make changes fast, and always wait a long time because "The guy who picked the most OP class shouldn't have his time and effort invalidated", but somehow people who didn't pick solely on "what's the strongest" don't matter? Thanks blizz.

  • I do not feel competitive in pve
  • I do not feel competitive in pvp after the UA nerfs
  • Warlocks lost way too much coming into this expansion, no wonder why they're the least popular class
  • I feel as though Blizzard does not make changes to suit the players, but their own flawed goals of balance, which clearly haven't worked for the better part of 6 years
  • I have noticed the game content is much better, but none of this matters when your balance is terrible
  • People will view the content you create through the lens of the class they enjoy playing the most at the time, and if that particular class/spec is weak then it doesn't matter how good the content is, it will not be enjoyed
  • Extreme slowness in which to react to balancing needs
  • Lack of flying in Broken Isles is a massive turn-off and was actually the final straw in me quitting, i just get tired of the pathing and dumb random !@#$. I've been through the content already just give me flying. We are not your lemmings to do with whatever you please Blizzard, you've jerked me around way too much and for too long on occasion, and I'm just done with it.

    You made changes to suit yourselves rather than your players, it's worse now more than ever.