Sky Golem Unfair Advantage in Legion

#1 - Sept. 29, 2016, 9:51 p.m.
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They should be outlawed, or at least made to not work in Legion without some long quest line to make mounted herbing possible with them. Everyone that doesn't have one (or want one, I personally can't stand them they are the ugliest stupidest looking mount in the game) pretty much gets walked on in Legion when picking herbs. These guys can just stay on their mount while you get attacked by whatever mobs are around. That alone should be cause for outlawing them.

There are literally ARMIES of these running around in Highmountain on my realm all day and all night, it's nearly impossible to find any Foxflowers, I might get 30 or 40 after running around the entire region twice, which isn't much at all for the time invested. And in most other areas too but not as bad. They are pretty much destroying herb gathering for all other players.

In Draenor we had to work at having a barn to have mounted harvesting, except for the people with a Sky Golem. In Legion, we have no option to have mounted herb picking unless we make one of those stupid mounts. It shouldn't be so easy for players to just jump right into Legion with this huge advantage over others.

It's not fair to other players to just let this carry over into Legion considering the ridiculous price of mats on the AH. Look at all the nonsense we have to go through with professions now just to get them up high. The Sky Golem shouldn't be just a given and it's hurting the commerce of WoW, I guarantee you that about half of those are gold sellers and we know how they come in to a server, basically destroy and manipulate pricing on the AH, and then sell the gold on stolen accounts for real money, because there are still people stupid or just uninformed enough to actually buy it from them.

Anyway...Blizzard, please do something about it. It's a legitimate complaint. You nerfed pretty much any other thing in the game that would give unfair advantage, such as Cheetah, Cloak enchant speed buffs, and who knows what else. Should be no different with this.
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