List of all PvP related bugs

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~~Will be keeping this as updated as possible~~

Please feel free to add any additional information regarding bugs and with AS MUCH DETAIL POSSIBLE as to when/how they happen (will speed up the process of getting them fixed).


-Fire Mages creating massive FPS drops

Triggered by some ability/texture interaction.
If anybody has more detail as to when this happens let me know.

Note: seems to only happen in Arenas.

I faced a mage that was spam fps lagging our team, I told him to rename his mage and after that the fps drops stopped, so it feels like some Mages can cause this more than others.

-Hearstop Aura, drastically increases cooldowns past the 30% threshold.

Ex: a 3 min cd can in some cases increase up to a 10mn cooldown.

This seems to be triggered while interracting in and out of the Aura's range, on top of that some tooltips on spells will show that cooldowns are ready when they aren't.

-Double Earthshield, resto shamans are sometimes able to have 2x Earthshield on two different partners.
This seems to happen randomly, not sure what is triggering it.

Note: Seems to be happening with Beacon of Light aswell.

-Touch of Death goes through damage modifiers (Not sure if intended)
Ex: The ability will do 600k through dispersion.

-(FIXED) Unstable Affliction ticking for 400k+: (Bug or intended design?)
More info here:



-Pets will sometimes get stuck in Dalaran's Arena starting area, this seems to happen when the pet is summoned a few seconds before the gate opens.

-Using Ursol's Vortex and Death grip on a player around/close to a pillar in Ashman'es Fall will teleport them to the center of the Arena.

-Unable to use PvP medallion (PvP Trinket) on the silence effect from both Unstable Affliction and Shield of Virtue (Prot Paladin).

-Fel Rush from Demon's Hunters and Roll/Flying Serpent Kick will sometimes stop earlier than it should

Death Knight:
-Razorice Runeforging does not work in Arenas.
-Colliding into objects while Wraith walk is active will sometimes make your char unable to move.
Ex: Tomb in Ruins of Lordaeron.

-Blinding Sheet (Frost) does not break from your own damage.

Demon Hunter:

Soul fragments can proc from killing some totems, which heals around 20% of the DH's HP.


-New Moon sometimes doesn't correctly change to Half Moon after being cast (Only the name of the spell), so you will see New Moon>New Moon>Full Moon sometimes.

Caused when mashing the keybind too many times while its being cast.

-Twin Moonfire (Honor Talent) has a chance to pull stealthies out of stealth. When moonfiring a visible primary target, the second moonfire can pull someone out of stealth but doesn't apply moonfire or show the animation.


-Dragonsfire's grenade dot is removed by freedom, shapeshifting, and the PvP trinket (they should remove the slow only but not the dot).

- Caltrops on the ground will stop applying the dot/slow while the hunter is CC'd; instances of the bleed already on people keep ticking, but you can stun a hunter then run through Caltrops, and nothing will happen until the stun ends (Hex for some reason does not suppress caltrops, all other hard CCs do).

-Ranger's Net ignores defensive cooldowns that should render the target immune to root/snare.
On top of that if the target is immune to roots because of diminishing returns, ranger's net will not apply its slow.

While casting spells with Shimmer, the spell will sometimes get randomly interrupted by itself (Works on Live servers).

Reports saying that this only happens to EU mages and not US mages, so could be a latency issue.

-The Tier 5 PvP talent Ride the Wind breaks your own Fist of Fury when on top of the path of wind.
Reports that it can also break some abilities of your partners such as Wraith Walk.

-Soothing Mist can sometimes stop casting by itself if terrain is uneven.

-You cannot Revoke (Taunt) Water Elementals.

-Song of Chi-ji does not work if used near pillars.

-When specced in Surge of Mist talent, casting Life Cocoon puts Envelopping Mist on cooldown.

Probably due to the fact that Life Cocoon has an Artifact trait that applies Envelopping Mist when you cast Life Cocoon.


Justicar's Vengeance is only doing 60% damage in Instanced PvP as well as healing (Should be 100% damage and 60% healing according to the template).

-Psyfiend won't channel Psyflay when used too close to a Pillar.

-Holy ward doesn't work on some CC abilities, such as Dragon's Breath and Silence.

-Shadow Dance visual buff will sometimes not appear.

-Stealth Randomly breaking:

-Dismantle is not affected by Relentless.

-(FIXED) Skyfury and Counterstike totem will replace whatever totem was placed last

-Grounding Totem does not ground Death Grip from Death Knights

-If you get a Stormbringer(Proc) within a few seconds of pressing Ascendance it puts Windstrike on cd.

-If you cast Healing surge at full Maelstrom while moving (Enhance) it won't work until you stand still and re-press healing surge.

-If you spec into Earthgrab & Windfury, Windfury totem will root targets too (Acts like Earthgrab).

-The Affliction Warlock artifact trait "Sweet Souls" sometimes doesn't activate when healthstone is used

-UA can randomly reset itself when spam stacking it on a target. For example if you cast 5-6 UAs on someone, the 7th cast could potentially just reset as if there was only 1 stack.

Note: Could be caused by the Artifact trait Fatal Echoes.


if a Warrior charges out of Ursol's Vortex it won't pull them back in.
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cold blood still not useable in shadow dance

I just tried (in a duel) and it seems to be working accordingly, can you try it again now to make sure?

This was hotfixed very recently (in between your two posts!)