Enhance healing in PvP

#1 - Aug. 5, 2016, 2:05 p.m.
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You guys seriously need to look at our healing in PvP. Coming from a 6x glad enhance, this is probably the most upsetting/frustrating thing ever.

So at 110, in PvP combat, we have 2.4mil HP. Our healing surge, which is instant after 20 maelstrom, heals for 98k. That heals for 4% (1/24th) of our HP, and we go OOM after 5 casts. AAAAANNND to top it of, you can't cast an instant heal while moving (ONLY IN PVP COMBAT). So blizzard, we can heal 20% of our HP before we go oom, and we have to stop to cast an instant heal? So to add everything up, even with Elemental Healing (30% heal when you pop AS) you only heal for 50% of your HP, and you are oom at the end of it as well.

There is actually no point on wasting a global to heal yourself or any teammates because it doesn't do anything. This makes it impossible to try and reset, because you actually can't even outheal 1 corruption dot, or a pet on you.

I really don't understand why you nerfed the healing, when so many other classes that are not even hybrid are destroying us in comparison when it comes to self heals. I understand doom winds, because you could global someone with the right procs, good change. But this.... you really out did yourself this time.

To compare with PVE numbers (not in pvp combat), in the same pvp gear, I heal for 173k noncrit. With a base HP pool of 1.46mil, that's nearly 12% of our HP, triple the amount. With a full mana pool we can do 60% of hp, assuming no crits. And you can cast the INSTANT heal while moving.

Then we have astral shift, which you can't used while stunned. Most people coordinate burst with a stun. Don't have a trinket? You are dead. This makes it incredibly hard to save a trinket, where the only way to save yourself from burst w/o trinket is to pop astral shift before they open. Good thing it's only 8 seconds, they can just wait and still have plently of time on their CDs.

Please I beg of you, take a look at this.

The 100% healing surge change should be active, according to the stat template a day ago. But here is the proof that it is still not working. But the noted changes were on July 15th, and nothing has changed. WOW. http://imgur.com/a/7Dk8n
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#19 - Aug. 6, 2016, 6:40 a.m.
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Enhance Healing Surge and Elemental/Enhance stat template changes are live.