#1 - Aug. 3, 2016, 6:19 p.m.
Blizzard Post
I wanted to pop in and talk a bit about Marks of Honor. Marks of Honor are a secondary reward system that provide a way for you to get old sets of PvP gear for transmog purposes. They are not the primary way you get gear from PvP. With the dawn of the new transmog system, we knew a lot of players would want to gain access to old PvP looks. These sets used to cost Honor Points (the currency) which was removed in 7.0.3. We considered changing the cost of this gear to gold, but felt that would make obtaining these looks trivial. So, we added Marks of Honor as a way to earn your way to old PvP set transmogs. There will not a vendor selling gear for level 110 characters for Marks of Honor. In addition, any items that have no impact on transmog (like necks, rings, etc) has been removed from the current tier of vendors.

In addition, with the launch of 7.0.3, many of Legion's systems came online including changes to PvP rewards. In Legion, level 110 players are rewarded Honor. Players below level 110 are rewarded XP. Unfortunately, during the pre-patch phase, Level 100 players do not benefit from XP. So, it's expected that right now, at level 100, the reward structure feels a bit incomplete. Once Legion launches, level 100 players will earn XP, Marks of Honor and gear rewards. At Level 110, players will be earning Honor, Marks of Honor and gear rewards. Players will be rewarded Honor or XP based on their performance and the score in a battleground. Players on the losing side can increase their chance to receive better gear and more Honor or XP by keeping the match as close as possible.

We're really excited to see your reaction to the full system at level 110. Please keep the feedback coming, we love reading everything you have to say.