[Bug][Solution] UH \ Bal \ Aff Artifact Quest

#1 - July 4, 2016, 7:56 p.m.
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Hey all. We've been trying to figure out where the bugs are going through on these particular artifact chains - all three of them have been largely bugged because of phasing issues.

I believe we figured out WHY it's bugging after some testing today.

In short, we believe it's bugged because of the teleportation of Dalaran. This is how we tested it:

Druid 1: Skipped Broken Shore scenario + teleportation of Dalaran - Artifact quest for moonkin did NOT bug out at Deadwind Pass and was able to continue on to finish it.

Druid 2: Did NOT skip Broken Shore + teleportation of Dalaran - Artifact quest for moonkin bugged out at Deadwind and we could not progress the chain because of a phasing issue.

We repeated this for Affliction Warlock and Unholy DK. Each time we found that the character that SKIPPED the Broken Shore was able to progress while the character that DID the Broken Shore + Teleportation of Dal quest was incapable of progressing.

To make sure this was not simply an issue with any particular player account, two of us replicated this.

For my first two characters, I skipped the Broken Shore and was able to successfully do the Artifact Chain. For my third, I did the Broken Shore and was incapable of continuing. My friend also skipped and was able to continue and then did NOT skip and was incapable of continuing.

If you're one of the players who has been incapable of continuing this - I recommend you do the Broken Shore first and then check to see if you can continue. After, create a new character and skip to see if you continue - if you are able to continue the chain, I'd wager that the bug is happening with regards to the phasing of the Teleportation of Dalaran event.
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#13 - July 8, 2016, 2:26 a.m.
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This is good testing, thank you for the information so far.

For those of you still having problems, please try this:

First, if you have "In the Blink of an Eye" in your quest log, go ahead and either complete it or abandon it.

Second, head over to New Dalaran (over Broken Isles), and talk to Archivist Elysiana. She's in the Violet Citadel, to the left of the Council of Six. Replay the quests she offers, which will take you back to the Karazhan Dalaran over Deadwind Pass.

Our hunch is that doing this will fix your characters and stop putting you in the wrong phase.
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#28 - July 8, 2016, 7:27 p.m.
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07/08/2016 10:20 AMPosted by Ashuryn
My take on this is that if you do not finish the Pre-launch quests, then the phasing is Deadwind is bugged. Finish the quests all the way through "Author, Author" and your character is correctly set up for the phasing of Deadwind, and everything works as it should from that point on.

Yeah there's a legitimate bug in here that we're working to fix; this is just a workaround for now.