Mythic becomes a requirement for a lot now

#1 - June 22, 2016, 4:28 p.m.
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Legion Dungeon Hero

Complete the Legion Heroic Mythic dungeon achievements listed below. 20 points. Account Wide.

I spotted this on a third party website and it´s in the new Beta build deployed several hours ago. Prior to this change, you required HC for the achievements, now it´s Mythic.

I want to point out, that I do not belong to the achievement hunters of this game, but I do see a trend.

At first, you take two dungeons away from LFD, even though transmogs or the order hall set are now inaccessible for the majority of players, leave alone the story and layout of said dungeons - things that might be worth a visit. :)

Now, you also gate the dungeon achievement behind Mythic and while it´s not something I will go for, as I don´t care about these things, there might be people who do and they are now facing a hard time, not only trying to find a Mythic group, but also one that goes for the achievements.

To me,

it seems like you are trying to force your players into the new "hip thing" which are Mythic Dungeons and I understand it to some degree.
Mythic dungeons are the big thing at Legion and you want to promote it, but the gating of so much potential content and the rewards coming with it, I don´t know. It seems like history repeats itself when the majority of your community, is once again locked out from things they want to do and always could.

I believe, most won´t care if Mythic drops better Ilvl´s, but to lose story, the open world set (kill all dungeon bosses), access to the new two piece set´s (only drop at Court of Stars and Arcway), several three star patterns and now achievements, seems like overkill.

Here a link, to the new set´s

Just my thoughts, again the achievements don´t matter to me, but the road this whole gating takes, is just very unsatisfying.
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#4 - June 23, 2016, 10:56 p.m.
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Note that this was a mistake - we intended to edit the description of "Glory of the Legion Hero," which is the mount-awarding meta-achievement for various gimmicks and challenging boss kills throughout Legion's dungeons. And those achievements really were always designed for (and in practice, almost always done by) organized groups. Achievement-seekers could sometimes even be disruptive to Group Finder Heroic groups. The existence of a baseline Mythic difficulty now allowed us to better match the framing of these achievements with their target audience.

The base "Legion Dungeon Hero" achievement for clearing all dungeons still only requires Heroic - fixed in the next build.