Completed a +15 Mythic dungeon, Fix Rageshard

#1 - June 6, 2016, 2:41 a.m.
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Didn't get the achievement or the skin for the weapon appears to be broken.

How did we do it? A bug thats been in the game since alpha but has not been fixed. I have made Multiple forum posts about this broken item and since its clear it's not going to be fixed before live, this is how you do it.

The world quest called Fury Road in Highmoutain (doesn't appear every day and another world quest can spawn in this location with pylons, but the pylon one is not the quest.) requires you to talk to an npc to get an item to complete it. This item is called Rageshard. Complete the world quest then talk to the NPC again and he will give u another copy of the item. If you hearth or get summoned the item will stay in your inventory and voilĂ  you have a rageshard permanently.

The rageshard has 3 abilities a frontal cone on 1, a single target nuke on 2, and a AoE leap on 3.
After about 4 abilities you will be knocked out of rageshard and have to recast it and get back into it. (its around a 1.5 second cast time reduced by haste.) When you fall out you can get 1 shot by high health mobs, the trick is to stay inside it at all times. To do this:
1. Put the rageshard item on a letter keybind, I use R.
2. use this ability rotation 1,2,1,3 Recast rageshard while still in it.

You have a few invulnerable frames while falling out of rageshard and as long as the resummoning of the rageshard finishes while you are falling out, it will put you right back in.

We did this with 5 people with rageshards, for most bosses you dont even need a tank or a healer.
The rage shard does around 800-1.2 mil single target dps when you get good at it and 1-12mil aoe dps on healthier packs.

Once you get a little practice in and master the timing to stay in permanently (takes a bit more practice than you think.) you are ready to go, only a few bosses will give you trouble.

1. Fenryr or Hyrja In halls of valor will not give u the speed buff if u kill them second while in rage shard, making advancing through the locked door impossible. Jump out at about 5% and manually kill them.

2. Odyn in Halls of Valor will reset if every1 is in a rage shard so we had 1 tank and 1 healer stay out and kite him while popping CD's

3. Last boss in Eye of Azshara will also bug if 5 rage shards. Have a tank at max range taunting and throwing dots. Rage shards also cant hit him with your 1 ability so its 2 (throw rock) 3(jump for AoE damage) and try to time the recast of rage shard accordingly.

4. Last boss in Maw of Souls. When she submerges she will reset if 5 rageshards active. Just have tank and healer jump out right before she submerges. She also suffers from not being able to be hit by the 1 ability in rageshard, see last boss strat.

5. Last boss in Arcway. He auto attacks incredibly quickly and will at high difficulties smash you during the recast even if u are a quarter of a second off. Strat is 1,2,1 then instead of jumping on him, jump as far from him as you can to recast so he cant reach you with an auto.

6. Second boss in The Vault of the wardens. Tons of abilities still hit you while in rage shard form, not doable at higher levels of mythic +.

While in rage shard form you are immune to most abilities and any casters will continually restart their casts as you jump in and out of rage shard.

Tyrannical is the only affix that is hard to deal with as at 10+ a boss with tyrannical will kill your rageshard before your rotation is done and snipe a few pple and with the 40% bonus health makes it very to beat.

The hardest dungeons for rageshard are as Follows: Valut of the Wardens, Maw of Souls, Eye of Azshara, everything else is a cake walk.

Higher level mythics seem to have a higher drop rate of titanforged and socketed gear, I have gotten my Ilvl up to 858 doing this.

Also the chest in your order hall that gives you loot based on your highest Mythic + dungeon done resets every 12 hours since the affixes are being schanged every 12 hours, so do at least 1 every 12 hours for a chest to open in your order hall every 12 hours. A person in my group even got a legendary from one of these chests, and I got one from a Mythic+ Neltharions lair run.

I want this bug fixed before live, this is the reason im letting everyone know about it. It is completely broken and super abusable and I have made posts SINCE ALPHA but to no avail, they haven't even turned off the world quest that spawns it.

Let me just add on, this is usable in pvp as well, you can 1-2 shot literally anyone in the dalaran sewers or during any world pvp quests.
It also makes 5 man group world quests completely soloable

Good luck getting used to it and enjoy the free gear.
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#15 - June 8, 2016, 4:05 a.m.
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This was hotfixed today. Let us know if you find ways around it please.