Blood of Sargeras - BOP intended?

#1 - May 17, 2016, 1:54 p.m.
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I've always enjoyed crafting - and I really like the way Legion crafting is shaping up so far, including the 'cross-talk' between professions in terms of each profession requiring materials from other professions.

Designating Blood of Sargeras as a BOP item leaves me wondering about a few things, though. If it's going live as a BOP item:

I'll assume that Bloods will also be available as quest rewards from the garrison, order hall...but unless those quest rewards are significantly more common than currently implemented in WoD missions, that doesn't seem like a realistic/reliable source for Bloods in the quantities required for even a minimally active crafter.

It seems like a crafter may need to have one production craft and one gathering skill in order to take advantage of the chance of Bloods dropping from gathered items.

I'll also assume that Bloods may be available via fishing (which I categorize as a gathering skill), but are fishing + quest rewards really intended to be the main way for a player with dual crafting professions to get Bloods?

What can a dual-gatherer do with the Bloods they pick up?

What can an Alchemist/Herbalist do with the Bloods they transmute?

How can an Enchanter/Tailor get enough Bloods for gear upgrades?

Trading/selling Bloods won't be an option. Trading/selling adds some fun and interest for a lot of players, and as long as mechanics don't exist that allow large-scale generation of a limited resource like Bloods (coughbarncough), why eliminate the option to trade or sell them?

WoD, for all of its issues with crafting - and no, I don't want to go back to WoD crafting - offered multiple avenues to generate and obtain needed resources. I realize that crafting isn't fully implemented and material availability isn't tuned yet in beta, but I am just not getting why Bloods should be BOP. If I am missing the point of why BOP is necessary, I welcome feedback.
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#75 - June 15, 2016, 6:33 p.m.
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Hi friends - I just wanted to chime in that in the next beta build you should see more Blood of Sargeras dropping from non-tradeskill sources (dungeons, in particular).