[Feedback] Pet Battle World Quests

#1 - April 17, 2016, 2:34 p.m.
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Completed one round of Pet Battle World Quests, one from each zone listed below (excluding Suramar).

  • Training With the Nightwatchers
  • Fight Night: Sir Galveston
  • Only Pets Can Prevent Forest Fires
  • Snail Fight!
  • My Beast's Bidding

My initial thoughts on Pet Battle World Quests - I'm curious about the intent behind Pet Battle World Quests.

Are they meant as a sort of introductory content for newer/beginner/casual Pet Battlers (hence the leveling and polished battlestone rewards)? Or are these quests intended to be a mix and match of varying difficulty levels?

I ask because while the majority of the quests were pretty standard (defeat 3 rare quality level 25 pets), the Dalaran World Quest (Sir Galveston) seemed overtuned relative to the other Pet Battle encounters (he had 3 epic quality level 25 pets). Stormheim's quest, My Beast's Bidding, also had 3 epic 25 pets, but that was much more straight forward since they were all beast pets. Not to mention Sir Galveston is running a Murkalot... Falling Murloc and Righteous Inspiration ouch.

May want to lower the difficulty level of a World Quest that's as accessible as the Dalaran Pet Battle encounter. At least to match the other battles.

On the rewards - I've only seen leveling battlestones and polished battestones as rewards from these quests. Will there be more/variety?

If these quests are meant to be for newer/casual Pet Battlers, the leveling stones will probably be a welcome reward.

Many Pet Battle veterans will likely have a stockpile of Pet Charms and battlestones come Legion, so outside of satisfying one of the four emissary objectives (and maybe completing every single Pet Battle World Quest at least once for completion's sake), I'm not entirely sure battlestones will be a big incentive to complete these quests long-term.

Which is fine. Makes these Pet Battle World Quests very optional and those who already have enough battlestones won't feel obligated to go farm the quests every rotation. But if not these World Quests, what content will Pet Battlers have pre-'end game'?

I'm hoping to see other pet-related rewards such as Pet Charms, rare quality battlestones, maybe pet toys and new pets of course. It would be great to see more variety for each round of quests, and not just all battlestone rewards.

As for polished battlestones...I don't think they're adequate/desirable rewards. Even those newer to Pet Battles quickly realize that they need to aim for rare quality pets, so uncommon battlestones go largely unused.

Edit; Possible bugs(?)

  • Each pet encounter was repeatable (unsure if intended). No rewards were awarded after the first completion though.
  • World Quests switched, but I was still able to battle the previous rotation's NPCs. Intended?
  • Can enter the encounters with a sub-level 110 character. No quest completion or rewards, but you do receive player experience. Pet experience is probably the same.
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#13 - April 28, 2016, 7:26 p.m.
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Great feedback and bugs, thanks!