Timeworn Strand, Azsuna

#1 - April 17, 2016, 6:57 p.m.
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First and most important thing... You have entered a free for all PvP area! about ten thousand times. It triggers roughly every second you're in the area, annoying sound effect and all.

Mobs are of wildly varying difficulty - oracles constantly glitch (?) and heal to full, as well as going immune and doing an insane amount of damage. There's an elite naga, whose name (begins with a U, though) I cannot get because she did not respawn and "you have entered a free for all pvp area" took over my screen, that has the static storm effect from Eye of Azshara that hits you with zero graphical warning, and when she's not even fighting you... or anywhere near you! Turtles do not leash, and though they are elite hit for very little and have very little health. Slave trainees can be mowed down as if they weren't even there.

King Mrgl-mrgl is also never indicated on the map - I have no idea where he is to turn in the artifacts, though I was prompted to do so several times.

Completion was fairly well tuned without artifact turn-in.
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#4 - April 22, 2016, 3:22 a.m.
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Some changes in the current/future builds:

- 1 Artifact Fragment awards 1 Honor when turned into Mrgl Mrgl
- We added a special underwater graveyard for the Murloc players.
- Reduced the Murloc form's health, and tuned the abilities down. It's intended for the Murlocs to be strong, but fragile.
- The Pearl will deactivate when 30% or more players within Timeworn Strand are murlocs.
- Nerfed Ursaaj

Also fixed the "You're in a PvP zone!" message spam.

Thanks for the feedback!