3K MOP, 2.6K WOD Moonkin Feedback

#1 - April 7, 2016, 11:58 p.m.
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I didn't see any other of the "better than me" moonkins post feedback, so I feel obligated to point few things out. Supa did my bad*

PvE Talents:

1. Every 100 Talent is useless in PvP
Nature's Balance: Longer dots are useless because you'll spam them anyways and you won't hardcast to refresh dots
Stellar Drift: Don't see the point in speccing Starfall yet. Maybe in combination with the pvp talent. Using starfall to pop rogues out of stealth.
Fury of Elune: Pretty useless in PvP because people move. Good Idea tho.

2. 90 Talents are too weak in comparison to Astral Communion
Shooting Stars: Good idea just not comparable to Astral Communion
Astral Communion: Toxic talent, promotes instant casting and a ridiculous easy opener as a moonkin. In combination with Wrath of Elune, you can spam 5 instant casts ??
Blessing of the Ancient: Mayber good idea if Astral Communion wasnt that op.

3. 75 Talents just also not comparable
Soul of the Forest: Good idea, maybe you specc it with the starfall PvP talent.
Incarnation of Elune: 45% damage increase. Really? Sad to see that talent. Together with the instant casts and the higher regen rate of Astral Power it promotes the same skillless opener as in WOD that every 1500 player can do (sadly most can't tho, fascination, here's my opener: Celestial Allignment+1Starsurge+Hardcast Starfire+2x Starsurge+Spam Mooonfire/Hardcast if possible)
Stellar Flare: Would love to see this talent be viable in dot cleaves. But the cast time and the fact that it's dispellable makes it kind of useless. Thats also why noone speccs it in WOD. 1 Click and gone. It has to compete with an instant starfire to be viable.

4. 60 Talents
Situational: It's annoying that Bash gets dodged so often on the alpha.

5. 45 Talents
Feral Affinity: Seems not competable
Guardian Affinity: I like it it seems useful and it might be skillful to swap into bear form before getting e.g. kidney shotted. A bit clunky tho because you obviously can't do damage while in bear form.
Restoration Affinity: Really don't like this passive healing stuff. Remove them from every class. If people are too bad to survive quest mobs without it then they need to step up. However I like the spells you get and their different usages. I'd like to see Nature's Grasp back. Maybe just me tho.

6. 30 Talents
I still specced displacer beast, other options might also be worth. Meele mobility is just so high that it's almost useless.

7. 15 Talents
Force of Nature: Just doesn't enough damage. Sad that the root is gone. Liked the old treants more, because meeles are even more out of place in legion, so the root would be really nice. From a meele POV probably just annoying so good that it's gone. Instant stuff sucks in general.
Warrior of Elune: Just too good. You can press it before the arena starts so you dont have to think about it. Toxic talent because it also promotes instant casting. Probably needed in a game were meeles have 12 second interrupts, but it's not good for the game in general.
Starlord: Useless cause you can't really cast.

Conclusion: Wrath of Elune, Astral Communion and Incranation make your damage in the opener too strong and you can't stop it. Doesn't require much skill to press: Wrath of Elune before arena starts, put dots on targets (at least one), Astral Communion, 1 Starsurge, 1 Starfire, 1 Starsurge, 2 Starfire. You can't stop this damage so it is dumb in my opinion and I can't really understand how such crucial mistakes can be made? I played five minutes and instantly knew how op and toxic this stuff is.

PvP Talents

Spells that I miss that could be in there: Nature's Grasp, Shrooms!, Nature's Swiftness (for at least Hibernates, Roots, Heals, maybe Cyclone) could do some skillful NS clones back then. I fully understand if it's not fun for other players, again instant casts are most likely toxic if they have a great impact.

Adaption: Even specced the passive insignia and I find passive/no cast stuff really dumb, zero depth in it, but I'd trinked the first 5 sec cc anyway in my opener. Mostly because 2s sucks and the players are bad. Guess I would not specc it against good players.
Gladiator's Medaillon: Probably the choice to go
Relentless: Just not good enough, because you die in stuns. Might be worth if youre Orc or against casters. Time will tell.
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#7 - April 8, 2016, 1:31 a.m.
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04/07/2016 06:13 PMPosted by Siuo
I know that nobody will care about the feedback^^

We care.