Arms Warrior PvP talents feedback.

#1 - April 3, 2016, 11:15 p.m.
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This covers the good and the bad from my perspective regarding the Arms Honor Talents.

T1 - Pretty good for the most part. Although I mostly see Relentless being used for niche situations in BGs / RBGs and potentially when facing really spammy CC arena compositions. I still think good players are always going to prioritize Gladiator's Medallion, like 90% of the time. It's better for ensuring that you connect to your target (or escape stun burst) during important windows. I'm not really sure about Adaptation's high end viability, I see this as your attempt at helping new players to autopilot a bit at the loss of min/maxing gameplay. Assuming that is your goal I think it's fine, if not it probably needs to be changed or replaced with something better.

T2 - Not sure why Reinforced Armor increases your HEALTH. That's just a naming issue though. When it comes down to it, the purpose for having a slightly bigger health pool in PvP is usually so that you can survive a longer period of time 100-0, if you have a bigger health pool and can manage to get topped off before an incoming stun / burst you can survive longer. The problem with this is that Hardiness is just better at performing this task and it's more mana efficient anytime there's a conscious healer keeping you topped or above the threshold. You might be able to make an argument for speccing Reinforced Armor to combo with Second Wind scaling from the standard talent tree, but in it's current incarnation and without warriors having any good way to clear dots from themselves Second Wind is a bad talent for most PvP situations, especially when pitted against it's counterparts (Bounding Stride and Die By The Sword). Not to mention that this static HP increase talent is just generally boring. Sparring is a good situational talent which should see a decent amount of use, maybe you should change Reinforced Armor to be a magic reducing passive / active instead- to compete, Spell Reflection could even be moved here!

T3 - Honestly this is a pretty damn good tier. With current execute damage I'm not really sure that Death Row will see as much use as the other two, but that's to be determined. Blood Hunt and Death Sentence are both really cool talents. This is an example of a healthy talent tier which competes with itself. Edit: Sort of revised my opinion, see my later posts.

T4 - I don't really understand what you're going for here. Rage Machine makes sense for situations where you intend to be getting attacked a lot (although it's kind of a boring talent) whereas Ready for Battle should help you obtain rage to create more pressure when needing to be on the offensive while your teammates are hurting, this one I like more because you can really "feel" the rage when you get to perform a big chunk after charging in, so it's not a bad passive... but why is Spell Reflect here? I would suggest replacing Reinforced Armor with Spell Reflect, then replacing the empty spot with that talent from WoD which feeds you extra rage per tick of Rend on an opponent (maybe could be extended to affect Trauma as well). I would like to see Rend baseline, as that would make this kind of talent more sensible. But even if you come up with an altogether different talent for this tier that would be fine, I just don't think Spell Reflect belongs here at all.

T5 - I'm biased and want to keep our old baseline Intervene to support that Arms warrior mobility fantasy, but regardless Intercept is a cool talent and requires some foresight to recognize when it's needed, problem is it's dependent on Double Time. I also like that it actually seems somewhat powerful and risky at the same time. Redirecting all physical attacks to the warrior for that window unless the range is broken, this creates counter play e.g. gripping or knocking the warrior away from his protected target to break the Intervene.

The problem with Intercept though is that warriors are probably only going to spec for this when they're already playing with a team composition that has plenty of stuns because using Intercept defensively is punishing you a lot without Double Time by leaving you without an offensive charge for 20 seconds while also having redirected all this damage to yourself. When you factor in Double Time having to compete with our stun tier things get messy, what if I need a stun and Intervene? I'm not a fan of this pigeon holing us into one talent essentially requiring that we take another, I would MUCH prefer it if Intercept simply gave us a second separate ability unrelated to Charge rather than consuming Charge. I do like that we are able to gain some rage by Intercepting an ally now though.

Shadow of the Colossus (love that game btw) is situationally competitive with Intercept, but Pain Train is going to almost certainly be the universal choice for larger Scale PvP. I would suggest placing a 2 nearest ally limit or something to that effect on this talent.
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#9 - April 6, 2016, 4:28 a.m.
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Great feedback, thanks!