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#1 - March 10, 2016, 7:46 p.m.
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Posting this for Jimjim since he can't post here (He's from EU so even though he has access he can't post on NA forums)

Read before : English is not my native language (I’m French), so, expect some vocabulary mistakes.

Hello. I haven’t finished the honor grind to unlock all the PvP talents in the Alpha, but I already foresaw some huge problems about how the class (will) work in rated PvP. (Arenas mainly.). Feel free to discuss about it.

Overall, the first impression about all the BG’s I did was a good wave of laughs because of all the umbalanced things (DH destroying entire packed team, protpaladin, arcane mages blinking 6151645167516756175 times in a row…), and some huge frustrations about having almost no healing when trained, resulting of a dps race between me and my opponent, way more effective way to win than trying to heal myself through the damage. I couldn’t keep myself up without using every possible CD in a single 1v1 while faking cs (EVEN WITH THE LAST HOTFIX). But anyway, let’s imagine that damage and healing are “balanced”.

General view of the spec :

First of all, thank you, THANK YOU so much for making Blessing of Sacrifice (3min CD in Legion) not dispellable anymore. I was waiting for this for years, and reading all the spoilers about my class, I saw that we will lose all our trashs buff, I was extremely afraid of this issue. Now it’s a reliable CD, and the graphic effect is kinda cool too.

- The stats template is really cool but I gain stats everywhere but versatility. I gain as much mastery as I lose versatility (I have like 25% in Dalaran, 6% in BG, where every other stats are increased), which result on the same healing as outside the BG, in duel, but on way more important healthbar, and against way more important damages. Having more than 30% crit is really good to have a faster gameplay with holy light’s. The overall low healing make Sanctified wrath (regular talent), extremely important, because, sadly, as in WoD, Avenging Wrath is now the only way to heal damage (Holy Prism :’(). I hope it will change.

- The artifact trait are “meh”, +X% healing here, +X% healing there. The big artifact bonus "Power of the silver hand" must be nerfed in a PvP situation, you can oneshot people with it.

- There is no graphical and Warcraft3 effect on our feets with any auras (or aura mastery), this is sad, I hope it will be changed in the future. Nobody can see physically what auras you are using. And the paladin doesn’t know the range of this aura. I would love to have a personal circle around me (That only be seen by me, like the priest Halo one), to indicate me the “10y” circle of effect.

- A majority of other classes artifact spells can’t be interrupted (Apocalypse, Thal’kiel, Mark of Aluneth…), cs’d or kicked. The hpal one can be interrupted. (Tyr’s thing). Why?

- Divine Shield and Blessing of Protection have no negative effect, your damage isn’t reduced during DS, and you can use melee attacks during BoP. Not sure if it’s a good change for overall “PvP”, but why not.

- Divine Intervention, in my opinion, must be changed. It’s something that should be removed from any PvP situation. For those who didn’t know yet, Divine Intervention is a passive who give you +15% more health (Du to all the “health cost” of our spells), and activate Divine Shield (If it’s available to use and if you’re not holy locked) + heal yourself for 20% of your health bar when you receive a fatal hit. The Auto-bubble must be removed in PvP. Keep the +20% health and the +15% health, but disable the auto-divine shield. Divine Shield must remain something you choose to use, not something automatic to protect you if you made a mistake.
By the way, on Kotmogu BG, if Divine Shield haven’t been used yet, and you pick an orb, you can’t be killed (unless you decide to be interrupted on holy school), Divine intervention proc infinitely (the +20% health one) without using Divine Shield (Because you have an orb). You are invincible, and you have the best healing output without moving.

- The new mastery, increasing our healing if we are close to our target is kinda cool, but with the next points about mobility, is something which bound ourselves to use specific talents, and will cripple the choices between them. Another PvP talent will be extremely powerful too (See after), and will make us focus on having everything to improve it.

Continued in next post:
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#4 - March 11, 2016, 1:42 a.m.
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Good feedback, thanks! There will be some upcoming changes to the Holy Paladin PvP talents soon.