#1 - July 25, 2016, 1 a.m.
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Community Spotlight: Pandamonium

Few World of Warcraft players have ever experienced the success that Ryan “Pandamonium” Dingle did when he began streaming full-time three years ago. Previously known as Chinglish, Pandamonium has amassed 109,000 followers and 8.9 million views on Twitch, and now consistently ranks among the top ten most-viewed WoW players on that service.

Regularly clocking in with streams that run 8-10 hours long (and on some days, over 12 hours), Pandamonium is known for his unique combination of intensity and soft-spoken gratitude. He directs that thankfulness toward his viewers and subscribers, beginning every day’s broadcast with pictures of his supporters and the message, “I am so blown away by all the things we have done … thank every single one of you … I am so proud to call all (of) these people my friends and family.”

At BlizzCon 2015, Ryan was one of the very first people to stream live gameplay of World of Warcraft: Legion.

Considering that he’s often asked about his many tattoos, it was the perfect opportunity to talk about someone else’s tattoos for once: those of Demon Hunter, which he analyzed for his audience.

He’s also known for being Australian through and through. After living all over that country while growing up, he spent a couple of years in Canada and the United States before moving back to Sydney, where he currently resides.

If you’ve never seen Ryan before, brace yourself, then check him out on:
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