#1 - July 10, 2024, 1:22 a.m.
Blizzard Post

Greetings, dungeoneers!

Thank you all for your feedback on our new Mythic+ affix system. As we continue to review community responses for future adjustments, we’ve made updates in this week’s Beta.

New Affix

Continuing with the theme of Xal’atath’s Bargain, where players can harness powerful boons granted to dungeon enemies by the Harbinger, we’re adding a new affix to our Beta testing this week.

Xal’atath’s Bargain: Voidbound

  • While in combat, Xal’atath summons Void Emissary to empower nearby enemies, gradually increasing their damage. Upon defeating the Void Emissary, players harness the void energy for themselves, increasing their critical chance by 20% for 20 seconds.

Affix Adjustments

Xal’atath’s Bargain: Ascendant

  • We’ve seen a lot of feedback regarding the visual noise caused by the number of orbs being created. To address this issue, we’re reducing the total number of Orb of Ascendance from 20 to 10.

Xal’atath’s Bargain: Frenzied

  • We’ve heard feedback that this affix feels less visible compared to Ascendant, and is more punishing due to its passive nature without too much counterplay. It’s also less thematic compared to Ascendant where Xal’atath is present throughout the dungeon. With these considerations, we’re removing this affix from Beta testing.

With the Xal’atath’s Bargain affixes, we want to create varied challenges that highlight different class skills and utilities in ways that do not feel exclusionary. We look forward to your feedback and discussions on these changes.

We’ll see you in dungeons!