#1 - June 27, 2024, 1:22 a.m.
Blizzard Post

With this week’s build, NPC Crafting Orders are now available for testing! To use the feature, travel to your nearest crafting bench and open the Crafting Order tab. Click the “NPC” tab, which may appear blank at first, and you should start seeing orders appear. If at first you don’t see any orders, please wait a moment and try again.

How it works

NPC Crafting Orders are personal orders that populate on a regular, predetermined cadence. Throughout the week, various familiar characters from the world will submit orders directly to you with a variety of possible rewards. You may discover that some customers tend to be more willing to provide reagents to assist in the final craft than others. Certain customers are very picky, and may only submit orders for very specific items. Although all NPC Crafting Orders offer a small commission, some customers may offer unique bonus rewards for helping them out!

Other than bonus rewards, these orders are nearly identical to player-to-player crafting orders. The recipes requested and reagents involved are ones you already find throughout your adventures. You will gain skill-ups, receive First Craft rewards, and can benefit from profession stats. Specializations will play a part in your success in NPC Crafting Orders, particularly when it comes to guaranteeing quality or unlocking Optional and Finishing Reagent slots. Some customers may provide these extra reagents, potentially affecting the final difficulty of the craft.

NPC Crafting Orders is the primary method for crafting professions to earn specialization knowledge and Artisan’s Acuity in The War Within for all crafting professions (except for Enchanting, which earns their weekly points via Disenchanting items). Each profession has an allotment of knowledge points they can earn in a week (which varies from profession to profession based on the size of their specialization tree). These are delivered through a bi-weekly selection of orders, scheduled similarly to how World Quests populated during Dragonflight. Although specialization orders are generally tuned to be easier than other types, it is possible to be unable to satisfy an order with your given capabilities. Don’t fret! Whether you join the expansion late or had a rough time with a few orders, you may begin seeing catch-up orders as early as the following week. The cadence and quantity of specialization catch-up orders increases as you fall further behind to allow for rapid catch-up especially later in the expansion’s lifecycle. These catch-up orders are also typically much easier to fulfill by requesting more common recipes and cheaper reagents overall.

Once you satisfy the requirements and craft an item, all rewards will be sent to you in the mail; be sure to check it!

We are excited for everyone to get their hands on the system and look forward to your feedback!

Known Issues

  • The reward preview is not displaying all rewards for a given order.
  • Customer-specific rewards are inconsistently being displayed and awarded.
    • Pocket Lint is not an intended reward.
  • The number of orders on Beta is slightly higher than intended, mostly due to knowledge catch-up orders always being active currently.
  • Knowledge, Catch-Up Knowledge, and Acuity gains are not yet tuned.
  • Non-quality items sometimes request a minimum quality and cannot be fulfilled.
  • In rare cases, the NPCs are overly patient and submit orders with 2-3 month durations.
  • Weekly knowledge tracking is not setup for all weekly knowledge sources resulting in excessive knowledge gain in certain cases.
    • This is affecting more than just NPC Crafting Orders.