Honor grind is a massive slog

#1 - May 23, 2024, 4:45 a.m.
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The rate at which you can acquire pre-raid gear in heroic 5 mans and honor gear, which both serve the same purpose as being the ideal gear before the true endgame (Raids and Arena) is night and day.

I have only ran enough heroics to cap my Valor Points for the week since hitting 85 and have 6 pieces of gear between drops and spending justice points. The whole process took maybe 4~ hours, and that’s with DPS queue times of 10-15min. On the other hand, I spent 4 hours tonight queueing BGs and doing one Tol Barad and have ONE piece to show for it, and its just the CC removal trinket because I re-rolled at the end of Wrath. Practically no character progression for 4 hours of work.

Granted, I’m playing horde and we kind of suck at battlegrounds. My win/loss isn’t pretty, “skill issue” I know. Even so, in a world where you’re winning most of your games you acquire PvP gear drastically slower than you do dungeon/justice gear.

Honor gain could use some love, especially considering that the Bloodthirsty gear is going to be worn a lot longer than most of our 5 man / justice loot, which makes having it mandatory to have a shot at all in the arena for the first 2~ months of the season because of how the conquest cap works.

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#10 - May 28, 2024, 9:56 p.m.
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We’re working on a hotfix for this. We’re going to double Honor rewards from completing a random battleground or a holiday battleground.