So... Blizz changed daily trainer mechanics?

#1 - July 16, 2015, 9:55 a.m.
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Since people were so rude with personal attacks against my mentality, writing, intelligence, among other things such as my personal life and my mental health/stability, and I got so many unnecessary down votes on this question and post of mine, I will rephrase it so that I can be ABSOLUTELY CLEAR to those who read my post and then openly attacked me.

Most of you didnt even try to understand what I was asking or where I was coming from let alone try to remain civil, polite, and respectful in your responses to me. But then you want to jump on me, assume things, put words in my mouth, insult me, and make personal comments about my personal life.

Here is the short simple sweet version and I have redacted my old version:

I used to be able to do the pet trainer dailies all throughout Dreanor on multiple toons.
One day I log in and find I can no longer do this.I just wanted to know the reason for the change or why that stopped happening for me so I asked. It has been pointed out to me this was a bug or glitch on Blizzards behalf that was never intended and they fixed it in a patch update so that only one toon can go around doing the Dreanor pet battle trainer missions for the Battlepet tokens.

Ok, I can understand that and I accept it even if I don't agree that it was a bug or glitch or "never intended". I was not the only one who was able to do this as a few of my friends and guildmates were also able to... so in my mind I thought it was intentional and a game mechanic and what was supposed to happen.

I had no idea I was one of a very small group of lucky players who were able to do this due to a bug or glitch. Had I of known it was a bug or glitch I never would have done it because I am not one to exploit games with bugs and glitches.

Not only would I not want to be reported or banned for that but I feel its just wrong to do so I dont.
In light of the new information that was given to me from others who were kind and polite who posted replies here, thank you for clearing it all up and helping me to understand it.

For those of you who were rude and downvoted me and acted like jerks.... it was highly unnecessary of you to behave that way and I don't understand what would drive you to be so ruthless and stuck up to a total stranger. Yet you say I am the one who "needs a drink" or "needs meds" or that you should back away from me like I am dangerous or insane or something.

Its silly you would say that I need meds and yet the ones who replied they couldn't even read my replies just because they were a little "wordy" and long. That means you are the one who needs medication. It's called ADD and ADHD and it can make it hard for one to focus on any one topic, subject, or activity for very long. It is also called poor reading comprehension and poor attention span.

But besides medical stuff and medical reasons, its slander to say I need to go "have a drink" implying I need alcohol to function and be level headed or whatever. I am very level headed. Just because I defended myself against people who were slanderous and rude towards me doesnt make me mental and to say my posts and replies were poorly written has nothing to do with anything other than trying to make a personal jab at me.

But regardless of all this I have moved on, I made my points clear, I asked my question and I got my answers so thank you to those who tried to help me rather than bully me and act rude and pretentious.
Lock this thread, delete it, move it, I don't really care.

I set out for answers and asked questions and I got treated like garbage by rude people who feel the need to mock and make fun of rather than help. This kind of stuff is exactly what is wrong with Blizzard, the forums, this game, and this community. But thank you to all who were kind to me.

Have a nice weekend, good luck, and have fun.
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#6 - July 16, 2015, 7:07 p.m.
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07/16/2015 02:55 AMPosted by Môrgânâ
Yesterday I was able to go on THREE different level 100 toons and take my pets around to battle the pet trainers of Dreanor.

This was never intended. As your collection is account-wide, it has been intended that most pet-related quests are also account-wide.

I talked to a dev about this, and we think there was a bug at play for you that was resolved with a recent minor patch. I've personally never seen the ability to run the same pet dailies on different characters on my account. With a few exceptions, again, that is not intended.
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#12 - July 16, 2015, 10:54 p.m.
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07/16/2015 03:23 PMPosted by Reathe
I've done my garrison pet daily across all 3 toons for the entire expansion, quite an oversight if they really want to call this unintended.

Your different characters each have their own different garrisons. It's the out-in-the-world battle pet quests that are intended to be account wide on a daily basis.
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#15 - July 18, 2015, 12:15 a.m.
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07/16/2015 03:54 PMPosted by Kaivax

Your different characters each have their own different garrisons. It's the out-in-the-world battle pet quests that are intended to be account wide on a daily basis.


You caught it. I was gonna tease you about that, like your Tananna one that we all got so much mileage out of. That was a good tyop. <3

That was Crithto.