#0 - Sept. 26, 2007, 2:13 p.m.
Blizzard Post
With the introduction of the 2.2.0 content patch there have been a few changes to how the Auction House system works. Any items purchased from the Auction House will be received instantaneously, though any proceeds from the sale of items will now have a one-hour delay. Along with this new change, players should now receive an Auction House-generated in-game mail for successful auction sales. The purpose of this in-game mail is to inform players approximately what time (according to their realm time) they should expect to receive the proceeds from the sold item.

We have received multiple reports of players who believe they have not gained the profits from some of their auctions and though we have been investigating these reports we found that this has not been the case.

I would like to take a moment to try and clear up any confusion that this change may have caused and let everyone know of what possible issues the system is experiencing.

As stated above, initially you should receive an in-game mail from the Auction House, instead of the payment for the sold item. After an hour you should receive mail containing the coin from the sale, and the previous mail, the “Sale Pending” notice, should automatically delete itself.

Our investigations have shown that an issue appears to be occurring where the Auction House-generated “Sale Pending” notice is not automatically deleting and leaving the mailbox after the coin for the sale has been delivered to your mailbox.

What is causing some befuddlement is that players are returning to their mailbox to see these “Sale Pending” notifications still there and not realizing that they have already received the coin from the sale.

This issue, though it appears not to be interfering with player’s payment, is known and we are working on a resolution. We ask that you please pay close attention when taking payments from the Auction House out of the mail. If you do happen to find some inconsistencies, please feel free to petition in and speak to a Game Master. We will do our best to investigate claims of non-retrieval of Auction House proceeds.