#1 - Sept. 20, 2023, 9:10 p.m.
Blizzard Post

In the Guardians of the Dream patch, there are some new public events that feed into each other in the Emerald Dream zone.

The Superbloom

The Superbloom is the new major public scenario event in the Emerald Dream. You will follow an Ancient of Life, Sprucecrown, as he begins a ritual to bloom life all around Amirdrassil, the budding world tree. He will need your help with various tasks along the way, such as watering flowers and pulling weeds. But danger also awaits, as the Primalists will not stand idly by while we empower the tree with life.

The event begins at the start of the hour, every hour.


As Sprucecrown conducts his ritual, some trees will grow which bear large Dreamfruit. These Dreamfruit will grant great powers to help players in the event and in the zone beyond.

Dreamfruit are very rare and powerful. At first, players may only be able to see one, and therefore only gain one power. But as players progress renown with the Dream Wardens and gain insight into the mysteries of the Dream, they will be able to see up to the total of four available Dreamfruit, therefore gaining up to four powers.

Each individual Dreamfruit during the Superbloom has its own, unique pool of blessings it can bestow. Some offer great powers to help you in combat, while others offer powers to help you progress the Superbloom to higher qualities of Bloom. Mix and match and have fun!

Bloom Quality

Public events in Dragonflight have undergone many iterations, and after hearing feedback about the reward structure for Researchers under Fire, this is another iteration to try something new. During the Superbloom, players will earn “Bloom”, which fills a bar at the top of the screen. Players will receive their main, large reward for the Superbloom once a week on their first completion, regardless of how much Bloom was gathered. Higher qualities of Bloom offer some additional rewards on top of that. The primary impact of Bloom Quality is the strength of the next public event, the Emerald Frenzy, which ties into the Emerald Bounty.

The Emerald Bounty

The Emerald Bounty is a series of micro events triggered by players at will, all across the zone. It’s split into two parts: The Emerald Frenzy & Planting Dreamseeds.

The Emerald Frenzy

This is a small event triggered directly after the Superbloom. A random area in the zone will become empowered with life energies for a short time, causing the wildlife in the area to go into a frenzy!During this frenzy, enemies will become more powerful, but also drop greater quantities of the Emerald Dewdrop currency. Enemies will drop even greater amounts of Dewdrops the greater the Bloom Quality was at the end of the latest Superbloom.

Planting Dreamseeds

Throughout the zone, players will encounter small patches of dirt. Players will also find Dreamseeds through their journeys in the Dream. Players may plant a Dreamseed in any patch of dirt in order to begin an Emerald Bounty event. The Dreamseed will begin to grow, and players will be able to contribute Emerald Dewdrops or even more Dreamseeds to help encourage the plant’s growth. Once the plant has completed its growth cycle, which takes only a few minutes, it will share its bounty with those who helped it.

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