What's the most fun you've had playing wow?

#1 - Aug. 27, 2023, 5:49 p.m.
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I really just came here to say I’ve been having fun playing dragonflight. I’m not good by any means but the social aspect of this game has really strengthed relationships with my friends and I’ve really been enjoying it.

I was playing as an enhancement Shaman and decided to give resto shaman a try at the very end of season 1 so been playing resto for all of season 2. I’ve read so many forums about healing being too hard, about tanks being too op, about affix who should own them, etc…

I want to take a moment and appreciate the game for what it is and ask for others to tell stories about the most fun they have had playing the game whether with friends, or solo, or just an accomplishment your proud of.

For me it was the first time I actually felt like I did “okay” as a healer. A bit of background I played enhancement Shaman and at the end of DF season 1, which is about when I started to play again, I switch to resto Shaman. Have literally never played any healer role in all my time with the game so this was a first for me. It took me a few months to really learn my role then I learn the dungeon. I was playing with my friends and we accidentally pulled too much, it was probably my fault for running the wrong way but I went dead silent and just healed as best as I could. It was thrilling! Everyone’s health was dropping like crazy and I was just in the zone and managed to keep everyone alive with 6% of mana left after I let out a sigh. My friends started to laugh because of what we did and just said “Those heals for sure saved us!”. Whether they were just being kind or what I felt really proud of that moment and felt like I had actually contributed to a dungeon for a change. It was a big moment for me.

What about you, what are something your proud of, or great memories you have of playing the game?

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#52 - Sept. 8, 2023, 10 p.m.
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