#1 - May 4, 2019, 12:02 a.m.
Blizzard Post


The Mythic Dungeon International’s Spring Season has kicked off, and we wanted to tell you a little bit about the teams that made the top 8 this week and onto this weekend's broadcast. Broadcasts start Friday, May 3rd at Twitch.tv/warcraft - Head over to our MDI Spring Viewer’s Guide to check out the broadcast times for your region!

The MDI East Top 8 for Cup 3 are:

Team Tank Healer DPS DPS DPS
Battle for Champion Arno Jack Yeluo Kai Meng
Team D Long Abb Mogt Yushang Babypig
Buff War Nerf Rogue Chingbb Lota Lazarus Morito Tomboyowo
Accompany TianKong Lxy Ayxhl NaiQiu Ashe
Black Mamba Wong Nvies Blue Hanksaha Xinhesudz
Big Money Crab Taghorian Froggy Nekkax Malarki Nilesy
NGA Normal Player DaiMeng Seedmoon Yan Mmanipulator Lunatic

Everything is on the line going into Cup #3 - Battle For Champion and Team D have already locked in their spots for the LAN Seasonal Finals in June, but 3 teams are fighting hard for the last 2 spots. Additionally, every game matters for seeding, and for yearly points for BlizzCon! 


Remember, you can always keep track of how teams are performing in the Time Trials for both MDI West and MDI East thanks to our friends at Raider.IO – they’ve been working very hard to make sure you can stay up to date!