Gamers League RBG Fight Night I Abn v Datacus

#1 - Feb. 28, 2015, 8:14 p.m.
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Four teams have been chosen to participate in the first ever Gamers League RBG Fight Night. This is our first event that will happen continuously every two weeks.

The first fight night event will be occurring live on Friday, March 6th @ 8PM EST/2AM CET.

Gamers League Fight Nights will consist of four teams every two weeks with them fighting for a chance at a prize of $500 during each event. The losing teams will be eliminated until one claims the title of “Champion” at which point he must defend his rank from those who will challenge him. Join us throughout the stream for multiple giveaways and an expert analysis of each match. Casters Breakycpk and Desecration joined by analyzers Smitey, Gigasnail and Bellicostco will be here to bring you all of the action as it happens!

Join us Friday, March 6th @ 8PM EST/2AM CET at and for the first Gamers League RBG Fight Night!

Interested to know which teams are playing? Check out the team announcement video below!



Hello there everyone,

I’m Possum and I am the CoOrganizer for the Gamers League events from this point onward. Since the Battle of the Atlantic we have received a lot of feedback and the Gamers League team wanted to give some updates so our viewers know we are listening and taking what they say into consideration.

First I’d like to address the shoutcasters. We understand that Reinhart may have been difficult for some people to understand and we’ve fixed this by getting another caster who doesn’t have an accent. Both Desecration and our new caster Breakycpk have been doing a lot of practicing to prepare for the event on March 6th.

Who likes waiting? None of us, I’m sure. We agree that breaks happened much too often (and sometimes for far too long) and there will be much less of them. Most of the breaks we had occurred due to ruling issues which should now be a lot easier to deal with.

As said above, we had ruling issues during the Battle of the Atlantic and the communication with the referees not being clear enough. To fix this we have gotten three referees whose decision will determine the outcome of most situations in this next event and all future ones.

We also now have a rulebook that will be available to everyone with the click of a button on our Twitch channel. This rulebook was created by nine people: three admins from Gamers League, three representatives from the US region and three representatives from the EU region; their names will not be said to respect their privacy. Each section in the rulebook was discussed first among the group before being finalized to ensure complete fairness for all of our participants. The rulebook should allow for much smoother decision making and less wait times. It can be found below if you wish to download it and have it handy for our fight night events. Keep in mind this is Gamers League RBG Fight Night rules ONLY.


The rulebook received a few updates, make sure to redownload it!
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#23 - March 6, 2015, 1:14 a.m.
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Exciting news! The last event was good for a first outing, looking forward to seeing the improvements for this one. :)

Sorry to hear that Reinhart won't be back though. Personally, I thought he was great in the previous event.

EDIT: Just realized that I may have misread the OP, are you replacing Reinhart or just adding a third caster?