WoWs Biggest Mistakes

#0 - March 24, 2009, 10:07 p.m.
Blizzard Post
So apparently Blizzard can't be bothered with people listing an opinion thread that they actually go out of their way to DELETE them. Which I find kind of funny that it actually bothered them enough that they would delete it. But since it is an opinion thread I will post it again.

Lets all take take our favorite game for a minute and take a look back. Now most people think that the game now is better than the game was when it began but there is no denying that it has had its mistakes along the way. So in this post you should list what YOU believe WoWs biggest mistakes have been.

Here is my list

1. AQ Black bug mount - I believe that this was its biggest mistake by far, to reward one person for a whole SERVERs worth of effort. Most of the quest involving this reward are only accomplished by an entire guild yet only one person gets the reward. Such a bad philosophy and a huge mistake.

2. Bug Mount skins - Wasted skin on mounts that can't be used outside of AQ 40. People enjoy unique skinned mounts, as you can tell by the spectral tiger, raven mounts, and such that people go out of their way to try and get. The one that can be used anywhere is rewarded in a dumb way.

3. BG Reputation Turn ins - I don't understand why they did this change. They had it in the game for the purpose of alleviating the long rep grind that was in it, but they took it away in BC for some reason. Some people enjoy disgustingly long rep grinds so I guess some people won't agree this is a mistake though.

4. World PvP areas - I like the way they are trying to re-implement this into the game with Wintergrasp, but it has a long way to go. The big pvp zones of the time were Tyr's Hand, Blackrock Mountain, or more recently the Isle of Quel'Danas. Those zones were great for world pvp even if they didn't have any rewards for doing it.

5. Drake Removal - Not yet implemented but I think this is a big mistake. I don't see the point in removing them because if they wanted to keep the difficulty factor the same based on gear, then they could just put in an item lvl cap. Yet thats obviously not what they want to do because they want to get rid of them for some other reason. Separating your customers into separate niches is not the way to go, they separate themselves anyways without your help. Just put the rewards there and let people work on what they want, just like the insane feat added recently.

These are what I believe are the biggest mistakes, list yours because BORNAKK decides he hates looking at opinions and deletes this thread also.

#1 - March 24, 2009, 10:17 p.m.
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The issues are:

-The goal of this thread doesn't have anything to do with achievements (that I can tell).
-The purpose of this thread is to list issues where as the forums are designed to discuss topics, whether they be positive or negative. Just saying "x is bad" doesn't accomplish anything and that is what you are requesting in the thread. In the original post you have some explanations for your points, but you are not asking for discussions on those points, you are asking for things to be listed that don't help much.