#1 - April 26, 2023, 11:53 p.m.
Blizzard Post

Greetings all!

As we prepare for the launch of Embers of Neltharion, we want to bring attention to a few upcoming Season 2 updates so that players can best prepare for all of the new content.

M+ Keystones

At the beginning of Season 2 (May 9 in this region), Keystones will drop 9 levels in addition to any normal weekly reduction that may have occurred. Here’s what that might look like:

  • Example 1: You completed a +15 the week of May 2-9, but didn’t time it. The resulting key would normally drop by 1 level, because your highest key wasn’t timed (15->14). It will then drop an additional 9 levels due to the season rollover decay (14->5).
  • Example 2: You timed a +15 the week of May 2-9. The resulting key would normally be level 15, because you had timed the 15 last week. But would then drop the additional 9 levels due to season rollover decay (15->6).

Revival Catalyst

When the Catalyst opens the week of June 13, all players will receive a charge for every one of their characters. These will function the same as they always have - if your Main spends a few to convert items early in the season, it doesn’t impact your alt (or any alt characters you may make in the future).

Unlike in Shadowlands Season 3, there will be no cost associated beyond the charge spent. No Cosmic Flux, no Dragon Isles Supplies, no Apexis Crystals - if you’ve done the work of obtaining a convertible item, that’s enough.

We’re also working to make it possible for players to convert Season 1 items for transmog purposes. This functionality, however, will be disabled for a few weeks as the Catalyst will be unavailable for a time, starting when Season 1 ends. Our goal is that players who are trying to use Season 1-level gear to get their Season 1 transmog set will only need an appropriate piece to convert. The cost will be free and players would not need to accumulate any kind of charges.

Great Vault

Going forward, for raid slots, killing a boss will now give you a chance at all of the previous bosses’ loot. For example, if you’re invited to a kill on Sarkareth, you’ll be 1/9 towards vault progress for that week. However, you’ll now have the loot from the entire raid in your vault pool for the raid slots. This change will go into effect with the first week of the Aberrus raid in Season 2.

Thanks again for your continued input, and please leave any feedback you have regarding these updates below. We are very excited for everyone to experience Embers of Neltharion next week!