What is a Blues Job?

#0 - March 14, 2009, 10:03 a.m.
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What is the Blues job?

At first I thought their job was to act as a median between the players and the developers. Informing us about the upcoming development changes and taking our feedback/responses to the development team. If this was their job then one would assume that the more feedback/responses they get from players the more they would relay to their development team.

Now the reason I ask this question is because of the numbers game. For example I will take this recent proto drake thing that has come up as an announcement from the development team, and the many post of not to remove it as the response from the players.

According to blizzard there is around 1% of their player base that has completed the glory achievements. Now they also claim around 11 million players worldwide, so lets do the math on that. 1% of 11 million is 110,000 now that is a lot of people, except that 6 million of their players are in China and they don't have wrath yet. So 1% of 5 million is around 50,000, which is still a lot of people. Now I'm gonna guess and say that out of the 99% left only 1/3rd cares about this achievement change. That's 2/3rd of the people that just don't care about this issue, once again this is just a guess though I think a good one. So 30% of the people care about this change according to this, that's 1,500,000 people. It seems like a simple numbers game when it is a 30:1 ratio on what to tell the development team.

Now apparently the Blues are not relaying the information back to the development team, because from the development view point all they have to do is change a small code and the problem will be fixed. So that leaves me with what exactly is the point of having the Blues there for? Are they just there for the illusion of choice, that we actually have some sort of say or opinion in what they do to the game we pay for?

Recently Ghostcrawler threatened that if we keep complaining that blizzard would get mad at him and he won't be able to post anymore. Does this really matter? Whats the point in him posting, just to relay information that they want us to know about and have no say in, they can post that on the start-up page or as an ingame mail. To answer questions? No because whenever you ask a question that isn't simple he will give you the "we plan on doing something about something later on" answer. To relay back to the developers? Maybe this would be useful, if they listen to their own numbers, but if they don't listen to that then we (who are nothing but numbers to them) have no reason to post at all, except to complain amongst ourselves.

So I ask you people will you care once Ghostcrawler is done posting? What is the Blues job in this forum process?

I as all others will play this game till I decide to stop, no real problem there I am just 1 out of 11 million to blizzard they don't care anyways, but I would like to think that someone at blizz cares a little about the numbers.
#17 - March 16, 2009, 9:38 p.m.
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Eyonix made a post awhile back on what a Community Manager is and does, you can probably still find it on a fansite like wowwiki.com.

If you have issues with a CM, do not post it on the forums and instead email it to wowcmfeedback@blizzard.com.

That said, I do my job and part of that is relaying feedback to the developers. Players often forget/ignore that not every decision made on the game will cater to every play style. For the time being we are happy with the way things are look forward to releasing patch 3.1 when it is ready.

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