#1 - April 20, 2019, 12:09 a.m.
Blizzard Post


The Mythic Dungeon International’s Spring Season has kicked off, and we wanted to tell you a little bit about the teams that made the top 8 this week and onto this weekend's broadcast. Broadcasts start Friday, April 19th at Twitch.tv/warcraft - Head over to our MDI Spring Viewer’s Guide to check out the broadcast times for your region!

The MDI East Top 8 for Cup 2 are:

Team Tank Healer DPS DPS DPS
Battle for Champion Arno Jack Yeluo Kai Meng
Buff War Nerf Rogue Chingbb Lota Lazarus Morito Tomboy
Team D Long Abb Mogt Yushang Babypig
Accompany TianKong Lxy Ayxhl NaiQiu Ashe
SunSky Cyclapbe Charlotteli XingYa JianFan TC
Black Mamba Wong Nvies Blue Hanksaha Xinhesudz
No Name Bingsin Salmon Yatal 눙퍄 Luze
Fullscreened Rulo Kegro Coxy Spider Otton


1. Battle for Champion

Battle for Champion has been practicing hard after coming in 2nd place last week, once again taking the top seed from Time Trials,  Their team consists of several players from previous MDI events, including Arno from 2017's Team MPE - the Rokmora killer. Their team name shows their only target: Champion!

2. Buff War Nerf Rogue

Taiwan's top team Buff War Nerf Rogue jumped up a few spots on seeding due to some great times on Atal'Dazzar and Kings' Rest. They'll have a tough path ahead of them with last week's winner being on their side of the Upper Bracket. Will they be able to carry that momentum onto a surprise upset? 

3. Team D

After the stunning run at Waycrest Manor in Cup#1, Team D claims they intentionally designed some special strategies for certain dungeons, but that might have come at the cost of figuring out good routes for other match-ups. Hopefully we'll see some surprises from them this weekend. 

4. Accompany 

TianKong, tank and team leader of Accompany reviewed their 21 deaths Waycrest Manor run and admits the team had communication issues. They've changed a team member and achieved a better score during the Time Trials. TianKong says their goal is no mere 3rd place but to challenge the Top 2. Can they succeed?

5. SunSky

During last year's MDI, Sunsky showed their precise execution of strategies, but due to their tank’s illness they had to forfeit in Cup#1. Now they are all well-prepared, and they're ready to prove themselves against the best of the best in the Eastern Division. 

6. Black Mamba

Black Mamba is a grass-roots team from local WoW IGR competitions. They are aggressive and bold but readily admit their lack stability. They say they've learned a lot already from their performance in Cup #1, and are now ready to embrace their second attempt in an international tournament.
Unfortunately, team No Name from Korea had to withdraw from this weekend's competition, so we won't be seeing them on broadcast.
New to the Top 8 for this week, we have Fullscreened, representing Australia. They have an uphill battle to fight immediately going against 2nd place Battle for Champion, but if they can pull off a surprise upset they'll be a crowd favorite in no time!

Remember, you can always keep track of how teams are performing in the Time Trials for both MDI West and MDI East thanks to our friends at Raider.IO – they’ve been working very hard to make sure you can stay up to date!