#1 - April 12, 2019, 10:20 p.m.
Blizzard Post


The Mythic Dungeon International’s Spring Season has kicked off, and we wanted to tell you a little bit about the teams that made the top 8 this week and onto the weekend broadcast. Broadcasts start Saturday, April 13th at Twitch.tv/warcraft - Head over to our MDI Spring Viewer’s Guide to check out the broadcast times for your region!

The MDI West Top 8 for Cup 2 are:

Team Tank Healer DPS DPS DPS
Method EU Naowh Zaelia Gingi Meeres Fragnance
Abrakeydabra Divinefield Elserat Drjay Ashine Swag
Method NA Nerf Jdotb Lightee YoDa Shakib
Fourty K Rentari Igloo Lophis Lazel Wolfdisco
Learn to Fly Glickz Edelweiss Undad Dylemma Drazztic
Team Puolukka Qlic Gotya Djfroosh Berru Synkii
Leech Boys Revofevi Huntt Greg Imfiredup Olson
Eligible Gamerdads Trell Luffy Shift Morning Cistara

1. Method EU

Method EU is the only undefeated team so far this MDI, having not dropped a single map the entire bracket. The whole division will be looking to see if somebody can take a dungeon from them.

2. Abrakeydabra

Team Abrakeydabra is returning strong this week, taking the #2 spot from Method NA with a fantastic Temple of Sethraliss run. Can they also pull a magic trick and overtake them in points too?

3. Method NA

Method NA is once again the top NA team, with very impressive times on Temple of Sethraliss and Motherlode. Both Method teams are on opposite sides of the bracket from each other again this week – could we see another Method vs Method Final? 

4. Fourty K

Fourty K has made a small change to their roster, bringing on veteran Lophis. With any luck they'll be able to Thunderclap their way to 40k dps. It's over, dude.

5. Learn to Fly

Team Learn to Fly is soaring high again this week as the #2 team from NA. In addition to being a great song, their team name is in reference to the BFA Beta, when they ran dungeons with Chinese players. Despite the language barrier, they were able to pickup some strats and phrases; whenever a player would do crazy-high damage the players would say they’re “flying”.

6. Team Puolukka

Team Puolukka team member Djfroosh says “The team name is pretty much the first Finnish word we learned and it's real funny to say. Since we're four Swedes and one Finn, we need to make fun of Synkii whenever we can!”

7. Leech Boys

Leech Boys is one of two teams joining us on broadcast for the first time. They earned their name from their tank, Revofevi, who has a “LEEEEEECH BOYS!” /yell macro on his Consumption spell.

8. Eligible Gamerdads

The second team making their broadcast debut is Eligible Gamerdads. The “Gamerdads” part is because they've got full-time jobs and limited practice time. The number of actual dads on the team is yet to be determined.

Remember, you can always keep track of how teams are performing in the Time Trials for both MDI West and MDI East thanks to our friends at Raider.IO – they’ve been working very hard to make sure you can stay up to date!