Community Council Live Chat -- Wrath Classic -- Nov. 21, 2022

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#1 - Nov. 21, 2022, 9:33 p.m.
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Today, several Classic-focused members of the WoW Community Council met with Wrath Classic devs to talk about the next phase of Wrath Classic (Ulduar).

The discussion covered expectations for the PTR, which is now open, a new system coming in this phase called Titan Rune Dungeons, and changes to Ulduar that we’re going to test – specifically the details around “pre-nerf” Ulduar.

Please feel free to use this thread for any follow-up questions or discussion that you might have.

Thank you!

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#2 - Nov. 23, 2022, 7:04 p.m.
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We’ve added timestamp quicklinks to the description of the video above:

0:00:10 Introductions
0:01:50 Summary of next phase of Wrath Classic by Josh Greenfield
0:03:06 Outline of Titan Rune Dungeons by Kris Zierhut
0:08:27 Additional thoughts about Titan Rune Dungeons by Josh Greenfield
0:11:42 How mechanics are being added to dungeons by Tim Jones
0:14:30 Question about emblem drops from WoW Community Council member Cleavis
0:16:28 Question about LFG tool from WCC member Vay
0:17:14 Question about lower difficulty dungeons from WCC member Tru Villain Manny
0:18:29 Question about emblem drops from WCC member Zuelase
0:19:05 Question about Plagued and Black Proto-drakes from WCC member Fp
0:20:29 Question about catchup vs. progression from WCC member Sensation
0:22:48 Question about difficulty and details of gameplay from Tru Villain Manny
0:24:38 Comments about prestige mounts from WCC member WatchYourSixx
0:25:35 Question about dungeon difficulty from WCC member Vay
0:26:33 Question about end boss tier drops from WCC member Clevis
0:27:27 Question about new achievement from WCC member Tru Villain Manny
0:28:09 The history of Ulduar and what’s coming next by Kris Zierhut
0:31:15 Request for item level clarification from WCC member Vay
0:32:43 Summary of “pre-nerf” Ulduar by Tim Jones
0:37:52 Question about pre-nerf difficulty from WCC member Vay
0:39:04 Question about reference patches from WCC member Clevis
0:42:47 Question about XT encounter from WCC member Fp
0:46:19 Question about how realm first races will go from WCC member Sensation
0:48:46 Question about how boss difficulty is decided from WCC member Tru Villain Manny
0:50:31 Question about designing around time-to-kill from WCC member Xhelann
0:51:47 Question about how to guage boss difficulty from WCC member Sensation
0:54:18 Question about boss difficulty from WCC member Clevis
0:56:09 Question about tier release cadence from WCC member Sensation
0:58:40 Question about raid drops item levels from WCC member Clevis
0:59:29 Summary of the Yogg-Saron encounter by Tim Jones
1:00:25 Question about release dates from WCC member Fp
1:00:49 Question about future raids from WCC member Basil
1:01:43 Suggestion about realm first achievement from WCC member Sensation
1:02:25 Question about potential new achievements from WCC member Tru Villain Manny h
1:04:11 Question about faction and race changes from WCC member Sensation
1:05:25 Question about datamined AH changes from WCC member FP
1:06:48 Final thoughts and discussion among WCC members and Classic devs