Targeted Feedback Request: Flight Paths

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#1 - Aug. 13, 2014, 12:40 a.m.
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As we start to wrap up major changes to quest flow and zone layouts, we're ready to start taking a harder look at flight paths and work on cleaning them up. To that end, we're putting this thread together to serve as a centralized location to point out flight paths in need of improvement.

Examples of the sort of feedback we're looking for include:
  • Flights that seem to move slowly
  • Flights that make unnecessarily meandering loops or turns
  • Flights that could make more efficient connections
  • Any other weird glitches, stops, etc. that occur while on a flight

When posting feedback on flight paths, please be specific! Here's some important information to include:

Starting point:
Ending point:
Your faction:
Game version (located next to the Play button on the Desktop App):
What you experienced:


Starting point: Warspear
Ending point: Bladespire Fortress
Faction: Horde
Game version:
What I experienced: When passing through my Garrison, the flight seemed to loop a couple extra times before continuing to Bladespire.

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#134 - Sept. 2, 2014, 7:15 p.m.
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Thanks everyone for the awesome feedback so far! We've updated most of the flight paths mentioned in this thread, and are continuing to make changes, so please keep the feedback coming!

As we continue fine tuning, we'd like to ask that you also include your faction and which Beta version you're playing when submitting feedback. The game version can be located next to the "Play" button on the Desktop App before launching the game, and will look something like this:

Thanks again, everyone. Keep it coming!