[Classic] PvP needs some changes

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#1 - Oct. 22, 2022, 9:32 p.m.
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At the rate it is going, PvP participation in WotLK will see the same downward trend as TBCC saw. Let’s go down the list…

  1. Rating requirements on gear

Get rid of it already, it is ridiculous, it is unnecessary, it gives an unfair advantage to certain classes, it creates gatekeeping when you have to beat people with the gear while simultaneously not having the gear to get to the required rating, it has NEVER been a good thing and never will.

Pre-patch should have been the wake-up call that tells you how people will do PvP when the gear isn’t gated behind unreasonable requirements.

  1. Deadly weapons are worthless

Completely outclassed by PvE weapons. Getting a 213 weapon from PvE is extremely easy while Deadly weapon requires a month of arena points on top of a ridiculously high rating to achieve and, still, the best weapons come from PvE with an ilvl of 226. The Deadly weapons need to be increased to 226 ilvl to justify its cost and to prevent PvE gear from outclassing PvP gear for PvP.
Furthermore, Savage and Hateful weapons need to be released.

  1. VoA and PvP gear

Here’s what is probably an unpopular opinion but… Remove PvP gear from VoA’s loot table, at the very least for the season 6 and onwards. It’s too late now for Season 5.

VoA creates a completely unfair advantage to people just for being lucky, giving them an edge in arena early in the season by giving them better gear for free because of RNG. PvP should be about consistency, not RNG drops.

  1. 2s, 3s and 5s points reward disparity

Normalize them. Ever since the formula was changed in Season 4, a 1200 5s rating makes more points than the highest 2s rating. This is simply unacceptable.

Increase the points gained from 2s and 3s to be much closer to 5s. Many of us DO NOT want to do 5s. It can be tedious to get 5 people together for it and it is unfun for a lot of us. Promote diversity in arenas rather than force players to do 5s just for points.

  1. Fix bugs

The gargoyle haste issue was reported in pre-patch and you still have DKs abusing it in both PvE and PvP today. Gargoyle machine gunning people down because of it. Resilience not reducing DoTs crit damage (Apparently this is getting fixed?), pet combat and sap immunity still not working as intended, the list is long.
We need those fixed already.

  1. Bots

They are everywhere in BGs, can we get something done about it?
This thread showcases this very well

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WoW Developer
#4 - Nov. 17, 2022, 12:33 a.m.
Blizzard Post

The current season of Wrath Classic PvP is a season where players who want to participate in PvP have multiple ways of getting their PvP gear, including Hateful Gladiator and Deadly Gladiator gear. With both options available, our intent remains for Deadly gear to keep its rating requirements. We’ve been monitoring players’ rating distribution, and the percentage of players who have reached the rating requirements is much lower than we want it to be.

Over the next day or so, we’re implementing a rating calculation adjustment that will cause a continuous, modest increase of MMR for the rest of the season. This will allow for more players to achieve their rating goals and get more points overall throughout the season. This will also encourage players at the top to keep participating to get their end-of-season awards.

Regarding PvP weapons, in 3.4.1 we have made item power adjustments for both the items that drop from Ulduar and from PvP, and the epic weapons high-end PvP weapons will be at a similar power level to weapons dropped in Ulduar. We are also going to keep PvP items in VoA. This encourages players that might not be initially interested in PvP activities to try it out.

We’re aware of some issues involving Gargoyles, even after fixes we’ve implemented, and we’re still working on it.

Also, if you suspect that there are bots in your battleground, you can now report them from inside the game.

Thank you for your feedback.