#1 - July 30, 2014, 11:41 p.m.
Blizzard Post
Hi Folks,

Beta is a crucial time for players to make their voices heard and give feedback to help make Warcraft the best game possible. While all constructive feedback is appreciated, one specific type of feedback that is uniquely valuable to us are examples of things that slow you down while questing out in the world: there's a lot of words to describe these types of situations, but perhaps the best word is "bottlenecks".

Bottlenecks are basically the term we use to describe situations that stop players from questing at their normal pace. Players tend to progress through zones and quests at different rates, but if a quest target (object, drop rate, or mob spawning rate) is too rare, it can really slow players down. The fastest players will run into this first, and they might get through without too much of a reduction in their speed, but just like a traffic jam on a highway more and more people will pileup behind them.

This type of testing is super important for you folks to look for while leveling through zones in the beta. While my Quality Assurance (QA) team works to find and report issues like this in our testing, we're not able to easily replicate the large numbers of players hitting quests and zones at the same time.

In an effort to keep things organized, I've made one thread for each Draenor Questing zone. Please click on the appropriate link below and post in that thread with any examples of situations where you were slowed down by questing due to a bottleneck of some kind.

Quest Bottlenecks in Tanaan Jungle
Quest Bottlenecks in Shadowmoon Valley
Quest Bottlenecks in Frostfire Ridge
Quest Bottlenecks in Gorgrond
Quest Bottlenecks in Talador
Quest Bottlenecks in Spires of Arak
Quest Bottlenecks in Nagrand