#1 - July 30, 2014, 11:26 p.m.
Blizzard Post

Please use this thread to post any Quest Bottleneck issue you've encountered while questing in Shadowmoon Valley.

Bottlenecks are basically the term we use to describe situations that stop players from questing at their normal pace. Players tend to progress through zones and quests at different rates, but if a quest target (object, drop rate, or mob spawning rate) is too rare, it can really slow players down. The fastest players will run into this first, and they might get through without too much of a reduction in their speed, but just like a traffic jam on a highway more and more people will pileup behind them.

Examples include:
  • Not enough creatures are spawned for a quest. (Potential Fix: Making creatures spawn faster, increasing the number of available creatures, or lowering the amount needed for the quest)
  • Droprate is extremely low for a quest, forcing characters to stay in one area for a long period of time to collect the amount needed. (Potential Fix: Increasing Droprate, lowering required number of items)
  • Not enough lootable objects for a quest are spawned. (Potential Fix: Increasing number of lootable objects or their respawn rate, or lowering the amount needed for a quest).
  • A single specific quest target (miniboss, etc) isn't flagged to grant credit to everybody who attacks it, leading to long lines of people waiting for one particular creature. (Potential Fix: Flagging the quest target to give credit to all players who attack it, even if un-grouped. See this forum post for some more info on our design philosophy behind mob tagging.
  • Quest progress isn't shared in a group. (Potential Fix: Allow every player in the party to earn credit for each mob killed or objective completed).

    When posting information about bottlenecks, some important information to include:

    Name of Quest:
    Name of Item, Creature, or Object causing an issue:
    What you experienced:

    Example time!

    Name of Quest: The Shadowmoon Clan
    Name of Creature: Shadowmoon Voidaxe, Void Wolf, and Shadowmoon Ritualist
    What I experienced: There were plenty of creatures here, but respawn times seemed really long, so I had to wait around a lot to find all the mobs I needed if other players were also on the quest.