Can we bring back the Winds of Wisdom Buff to Prep for 10.0/Weekend Events?

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#1 - Sept. 19, 2022, 4:09 a.m.
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The title is pretty self explanatory. Could we possibly have the 50% Exp Buff brought back and last until the Pre-Patch or even Dragonflight launch?

It’s no surprise that there’s a good chance to fully have fun with the pre-patch event you will need to be max level. As far as I can recall, the only one that wasn’t was Legion. However, not everyone has all their alts at max level.

A lot of us felt pressured to rush through toons we could during Winds of Wisdom last time and burnt ourselves out of WoW. For most of us, that burnout has started to wear off, and we still have more toons to get to 60 in that time.

During BFA, the Winds of Wisdom were extended until the pre-patch:

“Due to the popularity,” - Winds were popular while they were up during Shadowlands too, why is the same courtesy not being extended to players now?

Also, is there any chance you would consider adding Winds of Wisdom to the weekly rotation for weekends? Perhaps as an additional one for the more niche weekends - AKA Pet Battle and Arena Skirmish? (I LOOOOVE pet week as a pet collector, but not everyone pet battles, just like not everyone does skirmishes, they’re pretty specialized parts of the game).

So why not have Winds of Wisdom air concurrently with those weeks, to encourage people to level alts during those weeks? Or try to get friends to come back to the game during those weeks? Or even just have it be a part of the World Quest week, since that already encourages questing.

Allowing people to selectively choose when to level alts because it might be easier on some weeks is not a bad idea. Allowing people to opt out of it by talking to an NPC in Stormwind/Orgrimmar would be nice, but the idea is the choice is there.

Even making it so the option to have it doesn’t exist until you have another max level character would be fine.

Also, it’s been covered in a bigger topic, but just to touch on it again, please condense the Timewalking Weeks. Right now there’s 5 months in between a timewalking week returning, which sucks cause you need certain weeks for things like the moggable warglaives. There’s 2 ways that would work incredibly well:

  1. There’s only a singular “Timewalking Week” - During this week, all expansions are available, but only the first dungeon you finish will drop the 500 Weekly Badges. (And just have Timewalking raids available every other TWing Week)
  2. Have Timewalking events be independent from other weeks. For instance, this week is World Quest week, why can’t it be World Quest week AND Burning Crusade Timewalking week? Then next week could be Battleground Week AND Wrath Timewalking week. Etc.
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#6 - Sept. 29, 2022, 5:40 p.m.
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We agree. The buff is coming next week (October 4).