#1 - July 21, 2022, 12:18 a.m.
Blizzard Post

In today’s new beta build, we’ve completed an update to Warlocks that should address a situation that has persisted since original Wrath of the Lich King.

  • Demonic Pact will no longer overwrite an existing Demonic Pact buff, unless:
    • There are less than 10 seconds left on the buff (e.g. it has been up for 35 seconds or more).
    • The spell power bonus of the new buff are higher than or equal to the power of the existing buff.


  • The internal cooldown of Demonic Pact has been lowered to 5 seconds (was 20 seconds).

This compensates for the changes above and helps ensure that Demonic Pact is refreshing on your target before it expires with a similar consistency to before this adjustment.