Hotfixes coming soon to Season of Mastery PTR - 7/14/2022

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#1 - July 14, 2022, 6:28 p.m.
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We are currently preparing a few hotfixes aimed at fixes and improvements to Season of Mastery Naxxramas. These are in testing now and should be out on the PTR very soon.

General Naxxramas Adjustments

  • Deathstones are now automatically pushed to player inventories and do not need to be looted. Please note that if your bags are full and you do not have a partial stack already going, they will be lost.
  • The tooltips and icons for the Undying Vanquisher and Vanquisher Auras in Naxxramas have been updated for clarity.
  • Whenever Books of Deathstones drop, they now drop multiple copies of the book. There are a few exceptions to this rule and some specific books only drop from specific locations and in lower quantities.
    • Developer’s Note: Once you’ve received a book and completed its associated quest, you should no longer see that same book when it drops. This might be a bit spammy when a raid group first starts progressing through Naxxramas, but over time this should decrease.
  • Books of Deathstones have been renamed to be more reflective of what they do and the powers they provide.
  • Wartorn Scraps now drop 3-5 at a time rather than just 1.

Rune of Fortune Adjustments and Bonus Difficulty

  • While under the effects of Rune of Fortune, Bonus Loot from bosses is no longer random it is guaranteed to drop an addition piece of gear for each stack of Rune of Fortune. This can include splinters of Atiesh.
  • Bosses creatures associated with Boss encounters now gain a stacking buff based on the active stack count of Rune of Fortune that the group has.
  • The tooltip for Rune of Fortune has been rewritten as well as the Aura description in your buff bar to explain that Kel’thuzad and his lieutenants have become more powerful and drop more loot.
  • Archmage Tarsis now has a new gossip option that becomes available if you have an active Rune of Fortune stack. This allows you to remove stacks of Rune of Fortune if you wish to decrease the difficulty (and potential rewards). This cannot be used if your raid group is in combat.

General Season of Mastery Adjustments*

  • Crafting Goblin Sapper Charges will now proc additional crafts. You have a 100% chance to get +1 and ~20% to get +2 or more. 300 Engineering skill is required to proc.
  • Elementium Ore now drops 3-5 at a time instead of 1 from Blackwing Technicians in BWL.
  • Bindings of the Windseeker have a slightly higher drop chance putting them more in line with Burning Crusade Warglaive drop rates.
    • Developer’s Note: Did someone say…

*Please note that these changes are not tied to the release of Naxxramas in Season of Mastery. Once this hotfix is pushed live, this will affect live Season of Mastery Realms immediately. We hope to have these adjustments on live servers within the next few days

Once this hotfix is tested and deployed to PTR we’ll update this thread and let everyone know. We’d like to thank everyone who has participated in this round of PTR and provided feedback to us!

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#2 - July 14, 2022, 11:20 p.m.
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Update: This hotfix has been pushed to PTR and the Naxxramas changes should be available there now. If you are currently in a raid you might need to leave and do a soft reset to pick up the changes.

Additionally, the General Season of Mastery adjustments to Sapper Charges, Elementium drops, and Bindings are active on live Season of Mastery realms now as well.