#1 - July 14, 2022, 3:03 p.m.
Blizzard Post

If you’d like to join us in testing Dragonflight, all you need to do is opt in to become a tester. Players who have opted-in can be selected to be a tester, and invitations will go out regularly throughout the test.

Once you’ve been added:

  • Open the Blizzard Battle.net App and select World of Warcraft from your Games list.
  • In the selector above the Play button, change your Region / Account to Alpha: Dragonflight.
  • Click Install to install the TEST client. This becomes a Play button when ready.
  • Click Play to log in to the TEST client, and select any of the available Test Servers.
  • Create a new test character, or copy over a character from your live account using the Copy Character button.
  • Enter the game and test the new content!

If you have issues installing and operating the Dragonflight Alpha, please first check our Common Technical Issues and Solutions to begin troubleshooting.