#1 - June 22, 2022, 8:33 p.m.
Blizzard Post

Thank you for testing the Wrath Classic Beta with us!

Please see our development notes and known issues here.

Our development and quality assurance teams have made bug reporting as effective and efficient as possible in our World of Warcraft test environments. This has been accomplished by vastly expanding our tools and methods to utilize in-game bug reports. Our improved results from this arrangement have been so valuable that we do not prioritize monitoring forums and social media for written bug reports as we used to.

If you encounter any bug or issue to report while testing the Wrath Classic Beta, please activate the in-game bug report tool and tell us about it.


Whenever you mouse over any Creature, NPC, Item, or Spell in the game, you should see blue text at the bottom of the tooltip that reads “Press F6 to submit a bug for this Item”.

Simply hit that hotkey while mousing over the item or creature or spell you’d like to report, and you’ll see a text box pop up with the model of the creature or icon corresponding to the relevant spell or item. From there just type a short description of the misbehavior you observed, and your bug report will be sent to our Quality Assurance team for review.

The default hotkey for bug reporting is F6, but this can be re-bound to any other key by pressing escape to bring up the game menu, and then selecting Key Bindings. Find the PTR sub-section of the Key Bindings menu and set the hotkey for the Tooltip Bug Hotkey to any key you like.

Write it up and smash that submit button!


As always, we welcome your feedback on any aspect of the game. Please post in this forum to discuss anything you like about Wrath Classic testing.

Thank you very much for submitting bugs in-game!