[Tankadin] - Judgement of Light hurts my raid

#0 - Nov. 8, 2008, 7:02 a.m.
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Hmm, somewhat misleading subject, but hear me out!

Judgement of Light in it's current state is a crutch. This ability is providing inconsistent, and situational threat.

Example 1
Tankadin judges Light on Felmyst. Light heals everyone that harms Felmyst. Tankadin receives 1.35*[Every point healed] in threat.

Clearly in this situation, since there is alot of AoE damage flying around, the Tankadin flies through the threat ceiling, and has no perceived threat issues.

Example 2
Tankadin judges Light on Gorefiend. Same healing effect, and threat.

In this situation, since not all raid members are being damaged by the boss, the healing from JoL is significantly less (represented as overheal), and the threat gained, as a result, is a significantly minor part of the Tankadin's threat on the boss. A fight like this has DPS crawling up inappropriate places on the threat meter after the initial burst.

TL;DR - So there we have my first issue: Threat from Judgement of Light is not consistent.

The second issue relates to the value of the Tankadin's JoLight. The ability itself will heal friendlies for [.10*SPH + .10*AP] of the Judger.
Well, I have 1300AP and 400SP, resulting in 170 JoL heals for everyone (this is, of course, unbuffed).
My Ret buddy has 2300AP and 700SP, resulting in 300 JoL heals for everyone.
My Holy buddy has 430AP and 1200SP, resulting in 163 JoL heals for everyone.

There are a couple of things going on here that hurt the raid.

1. Best heals will come from the Ret, but that means his threat will go through the roof. If he can manage the threat with Salv/Vigilance, this would be the greatest benefit to the raid. Even without Sheathe, the Ret pally still beats the Tankadin and the Holy Pally for heals per hit.
2. Me judging Light prevents other, more equipped Paladins from doing so because I need it for threat (need is relative and subject to context).
3. Holy has the weakest JoLight, yet they should benefit the most, considering that it's part of their healing "arsenal" and a unique class heal (e.g. Chain Heal, etc...).

TL;DR - The class specs don't have synergy with this ability. What would benefit the raid most, hurts the Paladin (in the case of Ret/Prot).

All of this doesn't even approach the fact that Judgements are "bugged" at this time, and someone else's Light is knocking my Light off, and most importantly, my 20% Attack Speed Reduction (this has been posted in the Bug forums).

GC or Devs or whomever, I'm tired of feeling like alot of my threat relies on an ability that really shouldn't be the cornerstone of good TPS. I realize that landscape will change drastically as we get to 80 with ShoR coming on the scene, but we will still presumably have this issue.

I'd love to hear other Tankadins comments here, especially if it means that my assumptions are wrong, as that might set me a bit at ease...

Thanks for reading Wall o' Text, '08...
#39 - Dec. 17, 2008, 5:18 p.m.
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I realize this thread is a month old, but I couldn't find a more recent discussion of the issue.

One of the changes in 3.0.8 that we may or may not have announced is that we changed Judgment of Light to do no threat in order to fix some of this seemingly random behavior. We aren't trying to nerf Prot paladin threat overall with this change.

The topic came up again recently when Protadin OTs were accidentally pulling off the MT with huge threat spikes while tanking adds etc.